Income and Stats Report for September 2017

I apologise for being a few days late with last month’s income report. I’ve had so much work on it’s been nigh on impossible to keep up. Plus last week baby girl was really ill. The worst she has ever been. She had some horrendous virus that caused a high temperature and vomiting then a horrid rash came out. I had to take time off from my day job at short notice which isn’t the best. I don’t get paid if I don’t go in.  Luckily when baby girl was napping I cracked on with some blog work to cover my loss in wages.

Anyway here we are at my Income and Stats report for September 2017.

(If you never caught up with last month’s you can find that one here)

Income and Stats Report September 2017

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Even The Smallest Businesses Should Bring On These 3 Advisors

Ask anyone with entrepreneurial experience about going it alone with your business and they will tell you – in no uncertain terms – that your chances are slim at best. If the entrepreneur you are speaking to is successful, they are successful because they built an advisory board that they could trust. If the entrepreneur you are speaking to has consistently failed to be successful it is because they failed to bring on any advisors.

Now we have cleared that up, the big question is which advisors do you need to bring on? Well, from our research, it is abundantly clear that there are three advisors that you need to hook up with as early as possible because they will each have a critical role to play in your success.

Even The Smallest Businesses Should Bring On These 3 Advisors - three advisors for small businesses

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This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer

Most people who enjoy writing in their spare time would love to earn money from their hobby, become a successful writer and turn it into a job. However, except for a few folks who manage to sell their stories to publishers, a significant percentage of those individuals will never create a penny income. That is the case even if the writer has a lot of talent. In most instances, anyone who wants to switch career and try writing just needs to think long and hard about the type of content they produce. Unfortunately fictional stories are never going to get as much attention as blog posts on niche subjects.

Considering that, this step by step guide will provide lots of advice about the best path to follow. 

This Advice Will Help You To Become A Successful Writer


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Blogging Everything They Don’t Tell You

Blogging Everything They Don’t Tell You:

Blogging seems to be lurking at every corner these days, with at least one or two people you know spouting knowledge about health, sharing recipes or traveling around the world. Eventually, you might be tempted to start your own blog and to see what the world of blogging has to offer. But before you do, let’s talk through some of the things no one tells you when you start blogging.

Blogging Everything They Don't Tell You

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Income and Stats Report For August 2017

Well August was over pretty darn fast wasn’t it? Here we are at the start of September, one of my favourite months. Plus it’s only 16 weeks until Christmas!!!

August was a pretty good month for me income wise. I have read that a lot of bloggers find the Summer months slower and I can honestly say I didn’t find this the case for me.

I have been busy planning my Halloween posts for October and also planning what I intend to do with my Christmas Gift Guide this year. Last year I did a kid’s and a women’s and found it a lot of hard work. This year I’m just planning the kid’s gift guide and I have to say I have some lovely bits already to review ready to go in.

TIP: You can never plan too early so get those request’s out!

Income and Stats Report for August 2017

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Getting The Most Benefits From Your Email Signature

Not only does mobile technology have a massive effect on the way that we interact with each other, but also so is social media affecting how we exchange ideas and communicate with each other. As such, it is essential that both of these technologies embrace together and allow us to keep up with our interactions while we are on the go. With so much business taking place on mobile devices, it is entirely natural to embrace your social media and have links to these in your email signature.

Email signature

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