Digital Marketing Strategies that can Help your Business Grow

Today I’m sharing with you some digital marketing strategies that can help your business or in my case helped me to grow my blog. It takes time and lots of effort to build up a blog/business and it certainly won’t happen overnight.

Here is my little story of how I’m growing my blog.

I started my blog over 5 years ago. At first, I was a complete novice in anything to do with the digital online world. For months I didn’t even know how to track my page views. I suppose I was just plodding along and used my blog as a space to write my thoughts down.

It was a hobby. Nothing more.

Fast forward to April this year and I was on maternity leave, eager to start learning how far I could push my blog. After all, I had time while baby girl napped and when she bed to bed in the evenings. Now here I am in December and this blog is now my business. I’m astounded how quickly it has grown. I’m not talking hundreds of thousands of page views each month and definitely not earning £1000’s of pounds each month either. But I’m truly happy with where it’s heading. As they say, hard work does pay off in the end. I’m investing in learning and recently completed a Digital Mums course it was great! There is so much more I want to learn. On my list is a PPC course. I want to learn how to drive traffic to my websites through advertising. Oh yes, I have 2 more websites on the go now as well!

Digital marketing strategies

So how did I grow my blog? What digital marketing strategies did I use to help my business grow? There are numerous guides on how to grow a digital marketing agency and there are lots out there to help, but if you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Harrogate then visit Tekfirst.

Here are my tips to help your blog/business grow

  • Have an online presence. By this I mean engage with people over social media. My favourite platform is Twitter. I love to just have random chats with people on there. Catch up with my favourite bloggers and their latest posts. I follow brands and interact with their tweets. Let them know what I can do for them. I have only recently started to work harder at Instagram and find out what Instagram can do for me and my blog as well. Aim to keep all your profile pictures and social media handles the same across all platforms. This makes it much easier for people to find you. Continuity is key.
  • Drive traffic to your website. Lots of ways to get traffic to your blog. Have quality content – I always pick and choose carefully if I get receive pre-written content to be put on my blog. I know lots of people don’t accept pre-written content as it’s not usually within their blog tone and that’s fine. But when time is limited for me I do accept the occasional piece. Guest post on other blogs to get your name out there so they will pop back and check out your website. Keyword Strategy – insert relevent keywords into your blog posts will help them become more visible in search engines. Website Optimization – Make sure your website is easy for people to use. Nowadays most people are on mobiles and tablets so make sure your site is functioning on mobile view.
  • Set goalsI always love to have something to aim for. It gives me the push, the energy to succeed. I have exceeded the goals that I set for myself in April to be done by the end of the year by November. Now I need to start on 2017 goals!
  • Develop a call-to-actionI thought long and hard about this one. What would make people subscribe to my blog newsletter? and to also keep them? I brainstormed lots of ideas and simply came up with a downloadable mini colouring book, only available to subscribers. They can print as many copies as they want. I also send out an exclusive email each week with extra content for subscribers only. Developing your own call-to-action is key to help your business grow. It makes people want to keep coming back for more.

I hope these tips are helpful in helping you to grow your business.

Do you have any tips that helped you grow your blog? As always I love to hear your thoughts.

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