Blog That Just Won’t Budge?

Whatever your reasons were for starting a blog, you’ve most likely got to the point where you want to start making money from it. Bloggers all around the world are making their fortune from their blogs, but it doesn’t come without hard work and a lot of frustration. The more time you spend thinking about your blog, the more ideas that should come flowing to you, and the more you will seek out opportunities to collaborate with people who can bring you money, and bring you the attention that your blog needs.

But if you’ve got a blog that just won’t budge in terms of DA, followers, and collaborations, then you’re most likely frustrated. You know your blog is good enough to attract the attention you need, so what might be going wrong do you think?

Blog That Just Won't Budge?

Well, to try and help put you on the right path, and show you what you can do to get your blog moving again, we’ve created this fabulous article for you. So keep on reading, and see what it is that you might be missing out on!

Could It Be Your Content?

Your content is the main selling point of your blog. Sure, people might build up a dedication to you as a person, but this will be done through the blog posts that you produce. It’s an insight into your life and your daily musings, and that’s what people love to read about. But is your content full of the right things, so that you’re maximising your views?

For example, if you don’t trademark your blog name and copyright your posts, people could be stealing all of your content, and getting all of the views that you’ve been missing out on. If you check this source, you can find out ways that you can add in special characters that will show people your blog is your blog, and not to be taken from. You might also need to think about getting super serious with your blog images. These are what draw people in the most, the content should just be explaining the pictures. So think about investing in a proper camera, and think about making your blog images more artsy.

Are You Seeking Out Collaborations?

If you’re seeking out collaborations, are you doing it in the right way? Or are you even seeking them out at all? Some bloggers prefer to wait for the collab offers to come to them, but we really don’t think this is what you should be doing. Being the one that’s more forward and willing to go to the company, is the way you’re going to get the better opportunities. As long as you aren’t begging, rude, or straight to the point in your offer, you’ve got a good chance of getting a positive response.

Have You Put A Face To The Name?

You’ve probably got pictures of yourself plastered all over your blog, but this isn’t what we’re talking about. To truly make sure you put a face to the name, you need to be out and about and interacting with bloggers at blogger events. They’re so good for meeting the people you’ve already got a good internet connection with, and potentially growing your blog following!

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