5 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Site Design To Look More Professional

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Now blogging is my full-time job, yes I left my retail job of 15 years! I’m looking at ways to improve your WordPress site design. I want to make my blog look different from everyone else. I already have a gorgeous new blog header. So I’ve been researching other ways to get it noticed.

5 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Site Design To Look More Professional

1. Customisable Theme

A good blog or website theme is vital. It needs to be responsive to fit all tablets and smartphone screen sizes. Lightweight so it doesn’t slow your website down, customisable to your brand colours and style, and of course easy to read and navigate. When you first build a website through WordPress, you will find a default theme. Some of these are pretty good, but they have limitations for what you can do with it.

2. Choose a Typeface

Until I started blogging I didn’t know what a typeface was, or the difference between that and a font. If you didn’t know, a typeface is a collective name of a family of fonts. Ariel is an example. Whereas Ariel Bold, or Ariel Italic are fonts. So we choose a typeface because of its common aesthetic qualities. Then we refine it down to a specific font by setting its size, weight, style. Got it!


Image credit – Fontsy

So for your website, you will want to create your own individual look. This is where Fontsy comes in. You will need a font that suits you and your brand, your personality, and easy to read. This will help your reader connect with you. If you download a WordPress font plugin you can play around to get your unique website looking great. Fontsy is pretty cool. It lets you upload your own web fonts or you can choose from their free font library.

3. Choose a Colour Palette

It can be hard choosing a colour palette for your website and brand. Where do you start? Well, a good place to begin is to look at your content and logo. You can pick shades from an image and add these to your sidebar, footer, links, and menu bar. If you look at my blog header, I’ve chosen the blue shades for the menu, sidebar headers, and links. It gives the website a continual look. To increase your brand awareness, you can also use these colours over on your social media channels and newsletters.

Choose a Colour Palette

4. Create a Custom Homepage

I’ve been looking at creating a custom homepage for this website and it’s on my list of things to do. A custom homepage will be the first page your readers will see when they discover your website. You can use it to introduce your brand, what you are all about. It will contain ways to contact you by email or through a form, an about you section and of course your products and services.

5. Customise Your Footer

The default WordPress footer is a little bland. You need your footer to show your personality. A custom footer will include your logo, copyright notice, and a link to your privacy policy (if it’s not at the top of your website). You can make these amends through the footer widget, theme settings or a plugin.

You need your readers to trust you, and identify with you brand. If you make a start with these 5 tips, you will improve your WordPress site design for the better.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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