Pooki Interactive pet with Sound, Movement and Animated Screen Review

*Ad-gifted: We received Pooki Interactive Pet in exchange for this post.

Interactive pets are getting much more popular, I was intrigued to find out what they are about and L was excited to open the box to see what was inside when our Pooki interactive pet arrived.

Pooki Interactive Pet-  showing an adventure animation
Pooki showing an adventure animation

What is Pooki?

Meet Pooki, the new generation of interactive pets! Through AniMotion technology and internal projection, Pooki can display emotions, adventures, presents, and cartoons on its screen. With over an hour of content and reactive animatronic head and ears, Pooki interacts with its owner creating a friendship. Pooki also connects to an app so you can feed Pooki and send it commands.

She sounds like fun! Read on to see what we think of Pooki the interactive pet!

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