Family Life Update July 2020

I’m a little early with July’s family life update. You can go here to catch up with June’s and see our homegrown fruit! But I have to write bits down as I remember them. By the end of the month, I would have probably forgotten!

L by a field gate - family life update july 2020

So July has seen L start back at preschool for her 4 mornings a week. I’ve seen her return to her less frustrated self. She’s been so happy to come home and tell me all about her friends, and what she’s been doing. Both hers and my mental health are so much better. It was really stressful with both Mr B and me working from home with both girls vying for attention and needing stimulation. I know this has been the same for most families during lockdown. For sure neither of us are meant to be teachers! Homeschooling is not for us!

Measuring a Child's Shoe Size At Home with Treads

Measuring a Child’s Shoe Size At Home

With L starting reception in just under 2 months now, I’m starting to get her school uniform, PE kit, and shoes ready. If I’m being honest I don’t feel ready to pop into a shoe shop with her yet to…

Cleaning Wood Floors

Top Tips On How To Clean Wood Floors

With the kids bringing in mud, sand, and who knows what into the kitchen, cleaning the floor is a daily challenge. When we had the sandpit on the patio, the kitchen floor felt like you were walking on the beach!…

How Can I Make My Hallway Look Fantastic? - light walls and mirror

How Can I Make My Hallway Look Fantastic?

Hallways come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s the area just inside your house that can lead you off into other rooms. It’s also the gateway to your home. The area that people can see inside when you open…

A Cornish Wedding by Jenny Kane

A Cornish Wedding by Jenny Kane

A Cornish Coincidence I’m delighted to be back here, on the wonderful Family Lifestyle Cornwall, blog, as part of my blog tour for A Cornish Wedding (previously known as Abi’s Neighbour). A follow on story to, A Cornish Escape, A…

Little Dottie picking up pebbles at Marazion

Family Life Update June 2020

If you caught up with our family life May update, we were deciding whether to send L back to preschool at the start of June. But they didn’t have a place for her then. But a week or so into…

Fistral Beach - Things to do in Newquay as a family

Things To Do In Newquay As a Family

*Advertisement We live just a few miles from Newquay, and it’s a lovely place to go on a seaside holiday with the family. Newquay always fascinated me as a child, because my favourite film was The Witches which was filmed…


Osmo Genius Starter Kit For iPad Review

*AD-Gifted: We received the Osmo Genius Starter kit in exchange for this post. While L has been home from preschool, we have been slowly learning letter recognition and spellings. But being 4 she is easily bored and looking for something…

ISYLA - at a Cornish Engine House

Spotlight On Musical Cornish Duo ISYLA

I love to share news on things happening here in Cornwall. Of course, everything is still at a bit of a standstill at the moment. But behind the scenes during the lockdown, two talented ladies have been working hard on…

Learning At Home With Super Wings

Learning At Home With Super Wings

*AD-Gifted: We were gifted a selection of Super Wings Toys in exchange for this post – Learning at home with Super Wings What are we on, week 12 now of homeschooling? I lose count of the weeks, they all seem…

The perfect beach towel from Tesalate

The Summer Essentials Roundup For 2020

*AD-gifted: The products in this Summer essentials post were gifted in exchange for the feature. It may not be the Summer we want or expected when we were planning our Summer holidays, but we can enjoy the Summer from our…

The Staycation by Michele Gorman

The Staycation by Michele Gorman – Book Review

*AD-gifted: I was gifted a copy of The Staycation in exchange for this post During these “unprecedented times”, I believe that’s the phrase everyone is using, holidays abroad are either non-existent or pretty rare. So many of us will be…

Top Tips On Organising Your Garage

Top Tips On Organising Your Garage

We have been living here in our lovely home for 3 years this month. It’s been a crazy 3 years with losing my dad, and having a new baby. Well, that baby is 2 years old now and we have…