Competition – Win a selection of Deep Freeze products

My husband suffers with muscular back and shoulder pain due to various situations in his life, so he always been a fan of Deep Freeze products. The patch was a godsend while we were away at Bluestone last month. So I’m happy to collaborate with Deep Freeze and offer a selection of products to giveaway to one of my lovely readers. You also get to try out the new Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel in it’s rollerball form.

 Deep Freeze products

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Teeth Whitening Treatments Explained

Unless you are incredibly lucky and have been endowed with brilliant white teeth, there are practical treatments available from an orthodontist, who specialises in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening treatments have seen some serious changes over the past few years, and with that in mind, here are your teeth whitening options, in no particular order.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Explained

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  • Laser Teeth Whitening – Very much the professional way to a brighter smile, laser treatment is very effective. The treatment involves covering the teeth with a special solution, then a laser beam is used to activate the solution, and the longer the activation, the whiter the outcome. Of course, teeth whitening must be carried out by an experienced orthodontist who specialises in this form of treatment, which will ensure that your teeth are not damaged by the process, and with fast and reliable results, this is the ideal treatment for a professional person who would like a healthier smile. If you happen to be looking for a dentist covering Noosa and Noosaville, you can easily find one by searching online.

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Sexual Health Week With Intimina

Today sees the start of Sexual Health Week 2018. This year it is all about consent, a topic that underpins all our work on relationships, sexual health and well being.

Sexual Health Week with the ziggy cup

I have joined up with Intimina and the Ziggy Cup which is the world’s first reusable menstrual cup that can be worn during sex to help promote Sexual Health Week 2018. It sets a new standard for menstrual cup innovation. Combining comfort, security and body-safe medical-grade silicone the Ziggy Cup gives women the freedom to do just about anything.

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Win a month’s supply of the Fertility Supplement Proceive

I know how hard it can be to conceive. It took us 3 years to get my first daughter. So I’m happy to team up with Proceive to let you know about a new fertility supplement Proceive. You will find more info below on Proceive, plus further down you have the chance to win a months supply for both the woman and man.

Proceive Women Pack - fertility supplement

About Proceive

Newly launched to the UK market, Proceive is a ground-breaking range of scientifically formulated fertility supplements for couples trying to conceive.

We understand that successful conception is about both of you, which is why our range of supplements focuses on the nutritional needs of both men and women, in equal measure.

Each formulation, for him and for her, contains an active blend of the key amino acids, vitamins, and minerals needed to support the nutritional needs of the body and provide optimum conditions for successful conception.

With deep understanding and expertise in the emotional and physical challenges 1 in 6 couples face on their conception journey, Proceive offers more than just superior nutritional support.

Visit the Proceive website to find easily accessible, expert information before embarking on your conception journey.

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How to spot the signs of different conditions and illnesses

There are a variety of conditions and illnesses which can prove very detrimental to our health. However, many have telltale signs that can be detected early to either stop the process before it damages our health too much or at the very least slow its effects. In this guide, straight stairlifts provider, Acorn Stairlifts, advises how to spot the signs of a number of different conditions:

How to spot the signs of different conditions There are a variety of conditions and illnesses which can prove very detrimental to our health.


Dementia refers to a variety of brain disorders which trigger a loss of brain function, with the conditions often progressive but eventually severe. Around 850,000 people are suffering from dementia in the UK currently, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, but the organisation goes on to state that 225,000 individuals will develop dementia this year alone — that works out at one new case every three minutes.

It’s important to stress that, while there is no cure for any type of dementia currently, the number of deaths from the condition would be halved if the onset of dementia was delayed by five years.

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CALPOL® discovers the next ‘Face of Fastmelts’ for Sixplus Fastmelts

CALPOL® was a lifesaver for us this past weekend when my baby had her 3rd set of immunisations. It’s a brand I trust, and my mum did when I was small. Since February CALPOL® have been searching for the ‘Face of Fastmelts’ for the CALPOL® SixPlus Fastmelts new packaging in store this Autumn.

The competition entailed parents and guardians around the country to share photos of their children doing what they love – everything from kicking a ball around in the garden, to practising their best karate moves, to getting creative whilst baking for charity.

All you had to do was to upload your photo onto the CALPOL®Facebook page. The competition was a huge success, with an incredible 21,000 entries! Then 100 entries were randomly selected and then whittled down to the top five. Each of those were awarded with a Merlin annual family pass, and invited to London for a professional photo shoot, as an opportunity to shine in front of the camera.

One entrant stood out from the rest and won the competition.

Here is the new ‘Face of Fastmelts’, introducing 7-year-old Indy from London. With her beautiful smile and on the go personality she is the perfect choice.

Indy the face of Calpol sixplus fastmelts

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