What’s New in the World of Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products?

Today on the blog I have a post from Jackie over at Reusable Menstrual Cups, sharing with us the new on the market eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. As you know I had a baby 9 weeks ago so haven’t had to think about sanitary towels or things for a long time. As my body is settling down now I’m sure my period will be here within a few months (At least by breastfeeding it stalls it for a time!)

eco friendly feminine hygiene products

Beyond Sanitary Pads and Tampons

20 years ago, there were very few choices for period products. They mostly consisted of pads and tampons. Sure, a few people were using eco-friendly things like sea sponge tampons, or the original, modern-day menstrual cup (the Keeper), or sewing their own cloth pads, but they were the exceptions.

These days, menstrual cups are far more popular and there are an abundance of choices for things like cloth pads and organic disposables. I’ll share a few of the new things happening in the world of eco-friendly feminine products including more choices for menstrual cups, a reusable option for period sex, premium cloth pads, and organic disposables.

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Losing My Dad

Losing my Dad three days before my planned c section was hard. My dad’s passing wasn’t a sudden death. In fact I wish it was for his sake. Seeing someone die through cancer is heartbreaking.

My dads cancer journey started three years ago. I was pregnant with baby girl at the time when he started getting ill. Dad was a hardworking farmer all his life and never stopped for anything. He kept  chickens, geese, cattle and a goat right up until the very end when he left us at 88 years of age.

He came from a generation that would rarely visit the doctors. This older generation are tough as nails. We had to beg him to see a doctor 3 years ago when we knew he wasn’t right.

My Dad

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The Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Two weeks ago I had my wisdom tooth out. I have been in enormous pain since October, but as I was pregnant my dentist wouldn’t give me an x-ray to see what was causing the pain. I tried lots of home remedies to get rid of wisdom tooth pain.

The Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth can be a real pain. Sometimes the pain is caused by the teeth erupting from the gums and moving into place. Sometimes wisdom teeth get impacted and this is due to the pressure the tooth is putting on the surrounding bone and tissues. Even if your wisdom teeth are coming in perfectly it can hurt or cause a tight jaw. Luckily there are a number of home remedies to help lessen your wisdom tooth pain.


Clove – A natural anesthetic, clove can help numb nerve pain. The best way to use clove to relieve your toothache is to get clove oil and put a couple drops on a cotton ball, then place the cotton ball on the wisdom tooth area. You will want to avoid getting the clove oil on your tongue or gums because it can sting.


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Which Style of Socks is Best Suited to You?

Socks are one piece of your attire you might not put much thought into. In fact, it may be one of the number one things you go a little cheap on in your wardrobe. However, finding the right socks for your lifestyle and situation takes a few steps, and it’s worth putting the time to do so.

There are a few factors to consider. For one, how active are you? What issues do you have with your feet? Do you have a high arch? General questions like these about your feet and lifestyle are the key to finding the right socks. If you’re more on the active side, then getting a pair of soft flight compression socks can be a fantastic choice.

Utilitarian or Stylish: Which Style of Socks is Best Suited to You?

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Help In Healing: How a Personal Injury Attorney Aids In Your Recovery

Physical trauma is a stressful thing to deal with in many ways. Not only do you have to take a little bit of time for yourself and tend to your injuries, you also have to cover the medical bills somehow and see to it that whoever has wronged you is brought before the hand of justice. If you’re chained to the bed for the time being, doing all of this yourself makes it nearly impossible to succeed. Luckily, you won’t have to, because a dedicated personal injury attorney can assist you with your case.

Help In Healing: How a Personal Injury Attorney Aids In Your Recovery"

You shouldn’t have to cover your medical bills all on your own

If another person has caused you harm that resulted in injury and medical bills, you should never be forced to cover them yourself. Putting it another way, if your situation came to be through no fault of your own, you are within your rights to seek compensation for it. The same goes for first aid costs and transportation costs. However, you should make sure to have all the needed bills and receipts at hand, since you’ll need them to prove your case in the court of law.

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How To Tend To A Tooth That’s Been Knocked Out

Knocking out an adult tooth is an emergency. If you do knock your tooth out, try to put it straight back in and rush to the dentist. If the tooth is only chipped, make an appointment to see your dentist at the soonest date possible.

How to tend to a tooth that's been knocked out

But, there are a few things you can do in the meantime.

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