Child Friendly Holiday Destinations For New Parents

The Summer holidays are now here so it’s the best chance to make the most of spending quality time together as a new family. Yet where to you go on holiday with babies and toddlers?

With the help of Babythingz — a leading UK supplier of cute cosytoes for prams and buggies — we’ve discovered the top child-friendly holiday destinations for you to choose from, as well as tips for travelling with young ones.


I would have to list my home county as the top child friendly destination of course, due to its beautiful coastline with peaceful and exciting spots to discover. With it still being within the UK it’s easier to cut down on travel time, especially if you have a fussy baby.

There are lots of secluded holiday cottages to let down here which are great for families with crying babies and boisterous loud toddlers. If you choose accommodation close to the beach it’s practically a free day out also. Cornwall has lots of places visit like Newquay Zoo and the Minack Theatre, which is based in Porthcurno and features comedy puppet shows for kids.

Child Friendly Holiday Destinations For New Parents - Perranporth Cornwall

You also have The Eden Project and Dairyland to explore and have fun. But for me the best place to visit in Cornwall is the beach. Cornwall has many beaches with different facilities at each. My favourite is Perranporth, not only is it just 10 minutes from my house but it’s very child-friendly as well. The car park is literally beside the beach so great with the kids. It’s a very sandy beach with a pub on the beach as well as a restaurant and a little bistro overlooking the sea. 

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The Importance of Reading to your Kids When They’re Young

Reading to your kids is important, but those who read to their kids every single day get way more benefits when compared to those who read to their kids once a week. Reading helps a child to increase their vocabulary and it also helps them to know how to read and write as well.

Of course, if you want to make reading a priority for your child then you can find out more right here.

The Importance of Reading to your Kids When They’re Young

Helping your Child to Succeed

The more you read to your child, the more knowledge they will be able to absorb and it will also help them in every aspect of their life as well. There have been so many studies done on this and they have all shown that reading to a child helps them to get a head-start with school. It’s so important for children to follow words on the page from left to right and it’s also important for them to be able to comprehend the words as they are spoken as well. By taking the time to read to your child, you can be sure to give them the support they need when it comes to their own future.

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The Pros and Cons of having a Third Child

I have a 2 year old and a 11 week old. Two children. An even number. Would I consider having a third child? What are the pros and cons of having a third child? I’m the second of four. My mum had us three girls before having a boy. As you can see I’m from a family of six and wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I was great fun growing up in a large family. We obviously were not The Duggars thats crazy!

Pros and Cons of having a Third Child

But would having just one more baby enrich our lives further?

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Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden

The six weeks or so that the children have for summer holidays from school can seem an awfully long time to a child. They get bored very easily, but just for a moment consider how it is for children in some other countries. For instance, in Spain, the holiday lasts 12 weeks, and in Australia, it is 10 weeks. These other places tend to spend more time outside with their children, often just doing things in their own back gardens.

Beat Summer Holiday Boredom By Getting In The Garden

Kids Love Water

Whether you have a paddling pool or a water balloon fight, the kids will love it. They get great pleasure from playing in water, and it is a good way to keep them cool when the sun is blazing down. As long as tiny children are watched carefully, water in the back garden can provide many hours of fun.

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How to Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

I have been a mum of two for 8 weeks now. Baby girl has always been a good sleeper and now at 28 months old she will easily sleep 12 hours a night. I forgot what it was like to have broken sleep when baby dottie came along. Now I’m surviving on a couple of hours here and there. My mum did say the other day I was looking very tired around the eyes and I know that I’m feeling it as my skin is looking dull and flaky.

Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

When I had baby girl it was Winter and those long nights without sleep to used drag and drag in those first few weeks until she established a good sleep routine. Now being the Summer this time around there is not many hours of darkness and it does make you feel better when the sun comes up. Plus being up hearing the birds outside is wonderful.

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Technology, Social Skills and Fitness Levels in Kids

Technology, Social Skills and Fitness Levels in Kids – When I was a child, I was lucky to have a sony walkman. Nowadays with advances in technology kids know how to use and have tablets, smartphones and are on social media all the time. What I’m intrigued to know as a parent is what effect is this having on our children’s physical and social wellbeing?

Being online too much and the impact of these devices has caused many debates in recent times. Expects in these fields state that technology causes poor communication skills and reduced physical activity. Then you have others that claim the latest gadgets help kids keep in touch with their friends.

xploring the effects of technology on children's health and ability to socialise

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