What Flooring is Best For Kitchens and Family Rooms?

Last year I starting helping my mum to renovate her old miner’s cottage. You may remember we started with replacing the windows then ended the year completing the bathroom. This year we have been thinking about the kitchen and what flooring is best for kitchens and family rooms.

What Flooring is Best For Kitchens and Family Rooms

In our new build we chose to have Karndean flooring put down, in a deep oak colour. We thought it would be best for the the children and great for the kitchen diner side of the room. Plus with me going outside to feed the chickens in the Winter, I’m back in with muddy boots and the floor cleans really well. We have found Karndean flooring to be hard wearing, gives it the authentic look of wood, waterproof and long lasting.

Mum is much more traditional, but is limited on budget so is thinking about the cheapest oak floor she can get for her money.

I’ve been having a search online on what flooring is best for kitchens, so mum can make an informed decision on what is best for her cottage, her budget and of course what she likes. Growing up mum and dad always had various types of lino flooring. It never seemed to last long before it started cracking or we ripped a hole in it!

Best Types of Flooring for Kitchens

Anyway here is what I’ve found to be the best types of flooring for kitchens and family rooms. Each one has its pros and cons. If you are unsure what type of flooring to go for, it might be best to get kitchen planning advice.

  • Ceramic kitchen tiles – resilient, heat resistant and available in many shapes, designs, textures and patterns.
  • Concrete floor – can be polished and stained, a slab or poured concrete.
  • Natural stone for the kitchen floor – looks fantastic, but can be easily stained and it’s porous. You can use a sealer to protect the natural stone, but will need to be maintained.
  • Hardwood flooring – susceptible to stains and water damage. Can be treated. Will get the aged look over time.
  • Bamboo flooring – looks similar to hardwood, but can be more resistant to moisture and water. The most durable bamboo flooring is natural un carbonised bamboo that was properly harvested and manufactured.
  • Linoleum – yes the good old lino is making a comeback! Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Vinyl – is one of the easiest and most versatile kitchen flooring solutions. Easy to clean by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope I have given you some ideas on what flooring is best for kitchens.

If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them.

rachel bustin

*This is a collaborative post

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10 thoughts on “What Flooring is Best For Kitchens and Family Rooms?

  1. I took up the laminate in my kitchen and replaced it with vinyl. So much easier to keep clean and far warmer on the feet.

  2. we have just put flooring in a chalet we bought this year to let out. We bought just for cleaning ease a middle of the range vinyl flooring, that is amazing with the textured feel of floorboards and you have to look really closely to see that it it is not wood. Things have surely changed in the vinyl flooring department !!

  3. We decided to use an engineered concrete tile in our kitchen. The tiles are huge, about 1m x 25cm, and they fit together without grout, which gives a much cleaner look. We love them because they are easier to clean because no grout to get grubby, and because they have a percentage of a rubberised material in the concrete, they are slightly softer to stand on than ceramic tile, so good if you are standing in the kitchen cooking for a long time..

  4. Many thanks! Will share this with my sister – she has moved into her first home. We have Lino and its very easy to clean and looks good x

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