Tips On Fitting Out a New Family Kitchen

Running a family home is by no means a simple task. Every aspect of your life has to revolve around what’s best for your little ones and meeting their needs. As soon as you have kids, your life will change and many parts of your home will change to accommodate them too. Now, when we think of how your home may change to suit your children’s needs, the majority of us automatically think of more bedrooms (whether from extensions, loft conversions or simply moving house) and more bathrooms (to cater to everyone’s needs as they grow up). But have you ever considered that your kitchen could be fitted out in a new way that will better fit a growing family?

Tips On Fitting Out a New Family Kitchen

Here are a few changes you might want to consider implementing!

The Basics

Now, there are various areas that you’re bound to want to take a look at if you’re fitting out a new kitchen. So, let’s highlight these first! You might want some new cupboards. Where possible, have as many cupboards as possible. Families tend to have a lot more food put away to feed more little mouths, so you’re going to want to have as much space as possible. Make sure there’s still room for all of your appliances to fit in too! Space for a dishwasher can make clearing up after large family meals so much simpler! Next, countertops. New countertops should be hardy and durable. For lighting options, consider a T8 fluorescent light. For walls, consider something that can really be wiped down easily, like tiles. Double sinks tend to be a good option too – this provides space for cleaning down more pots and pans or preparing more food.


Kitchens can be dangerous spaces for adults at the best of times. So, for children, they’re a pretty big hazard. This is why some serious childproofing needs to come into play in this space. Here are a few steps you should consider taking!

Reconsider where you store certain items

Children can easily access anything located at a low level. So, make sure any fragile or breakable items are removed from low cupboards or shelves. This can include crockery, glasses and more. While most people keep cleaning and laundry products in the cupboard under the sink, these might be better off being located at a higher level too.

Cupboard Locks

If you want to leave your items where they are, you can always consider cupboard locks that prevent your children from accessing low cupboards. Cupboard locks are also ideal for people who want to prevent their kids from eating and snacking without asking permission, or without parents necessarily seeing how much food they may be getting through. This can help to tackle issues such as childhood obesity.

These are just a few steps you can take to make sure your family kitchen is suitable for all of your family’s needs. Hopefully, this advice helps to create the perfect space for you to prepare food in and for your children to feel safe!

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