Reasons Why We Moved Home

This Summer sees us moved into our new house for 3 years. I’ve never explained on here why we moved from a 4-bed townhouse to a 3-bed detached house out of town. But today I will share with you our reasons why we moved home.

Why we moved home  - tips on how to get organised when moving house with kids

For two years we lived together at Mr B’s parents to save money for a deposit and moving costs. We were not particularly fussed where in the area we moved to, we just wanted to be on the property ladder. Lucky for us in 2010, but unfortunate for another couple, their mortgage fell through, so we were offered the last 4-bed townhouse on a new development close to town. The house was spread over 3 floors with a hill garden and a carport close by. We could have put on a garage door, like this from but parking was rubbish around and my small car fitted in it perfectly. Reason number 1 to move – parking issues for Mr B.

I loved the house but hated the garden. Being an outdoorsy person a garden is special to me. You probably think, why did she buy a house with a garden she hated? Well, the house was an investment for our future to get us into our forever home. It was in a prime spot for the hospital and close to town, plus we got a great deal as the developers wanted to close the sale on the last house.

The garden, well, it was an upside-down U-shape garden surrounding next doors as we were the middle of a terrace. We had to have rear access so next doors was in the centre of the U. It was a weird set up for sure! Oh, I didn’t mention it was in the side of a hill. Yep, 32 steps up to the top part of the garden and another 32 down the other side to our rear garden gate. It was a decent size plot, but pretty useless land. Honestly, it needed to make something useful of the land if we needed a garden shed. I ended up planting a load of shrubs and barking it. Once we had L we knew it wasn’t a child-friendly garden. Reason number 2 to move.

With the kitchen downstairs and living room on the first floor, it was hard to keep an eye on L when she was a baby. I had to rely on baby monitors just to get something to eat or put the washing on. I don’t recommend this setup with young children. Mind you I was fit for running up and down the stairs. But we did have to fork out on 4 stair gates! Reason number 3 on why we moved home.

The schools in the immediate area were not ones I liked. Our catchment area was a school quite far away – strange as the one I would have preferred was just the road. But we were living on the wrong side of that road! Moving to the little village we are in now is perfect. It’s a lovely village school and I just hope we get the news we are in next month. Reason number 4 for moving home.

Although we have lost some floor space moving from a 4 to a 3 bed home, it’s detached so no neighbours to upset with our dancing and music! It has a drive and garage, a great village school, a brilliant front, and back garden to potter about in. We did have to get some extra concrete work done in the back to extend the patio. But it’s our home and its perfect. We made the right choice on why we moved home.

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