Birthdays In Our Family This Year So Far

Tomorrow it’s Mr B’s birthday. We always have a load of birthdays at the start of the year. Mine was back in January. Last month was L’s 4th birthday and next month’s it’s Little Dottie’s 2nd. But for the month of March it’s Mr B’s.

1st birthdays

As I’m writing this I should be wrapping his presents before he gets home from work, but when I’ve got an idea in my head to write I just get on with it! Back to the writing!!

I love birthdays, it’s a great way to get families together. Young and old. We have parties at home for the girls and for us adults we go out for a meal. Mr B took me out for a posh breakfast when it was my birthday, and tomorrow I’m taking him for a meal at our local South African food restaurant. We do love great food and places like White Rabbit. The atmosphere is fantastic! It’s a time for us to get together and chat away, in a relaxed environment without the girls. They are so boisterous in restaurants and want to explore everything it can get stressful. When they re older I’m sure this will change, but for now, I cherish the time to eat in peace, and while the food is hot!

Men are hard to buy gifts for. Fact. There are only so many socks or cufflinks you can buy a man. I’m always on the hunt for gift inspiration. Mr B loves his t-shirts so we have got him a couple of t-shirts, a wallet and a picture of the girls on a real slate. It’s so lovely, I can’t wait to see his face when he gets it. A lot of men like gadgets for gifts. If the man in your life has an Apple watch this is perfect

Last year as an early birthday present to himself Mr B bought himself a car. He loves anything motor related. Reading up about Wolverine Engines is a past time! I’m a motorsport fan just like him. We can chat for hours about F1. Cannot wait until the girls are old enough to go to Silverstone. It’s on our bucket list for the future.

Looking ahead to the birthdays we have coming up, I had better start planning. After Little Dotties next month the birthdays are all from the family around us. We have 3 in June, 1 in July then quite a few more later in the year.

What are your favourite things about birthdays?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. I live the get togethers we have on family birthdays. Between February and March we have six family birthdays, including mine, my three granddaughters and my great grandson

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