Getting Fit For Our Health and Kids

Mr B and I have made a pact on getting fit. For our girls and for our health. To be honest I’ve always been around a size 18/20 before I had the girls and now after. I lost all the baby weight, which I put down to breastfeeding! I had a craving for scones jam and Cornish clotted cream when I was pregnant with Little Dottie. And I ate a lot of them! But the extra weight went!

Getting Fit For Our Health and Kids

As well as doing the exercise and getting fit, I’ve been thinking about our diet as well. There is no point in doing all that exercise if our diet doesn’t change. There looks like some great tips here to make your diet healthier

We have invested in decent running shoes to protect our feet. I’ve invested in a couple of good quality sports bras. So we are sorted. I’ve had to read up on where we start with our exercise routine. I don’t want to cause long-lasting damage to my body. I’m not getting any younger!

But with working from home, and having a toddler it can be hard to find the time to exercise. But I’ve been looking at a Cubii. A perfect solution. A Cubii is a mini exercise cross trainer with an app. It’s a mini elliptical trainer that fits under any desk. Perfect for under the desk at home.

At college, I studied A-Level Biology and had a fascination with cells, and how they burn energy, like when you are exercising. Learning about the structure of the cell and how lactic acid built up in muscles when exercising did make me want a career in medicine. My friend and I used to browse medical schools online like this one at breaktime!

Now I’ve finished my part-time job for a while – yes I’m taking a lifestyle break! It’s the perfect chance for a life overhaul. So including getting fitter, and eating more healthier, I’m also making time for me. Self-care is very important. But it’s also something I’m rubbish at. I’ve always put others’ needs before myself, worked hard and run my self down. Last Summer I was exhausted and ended up being treated in my local hospital for Quinsy. My body was tired. It needed to recuperate.

I’ve been planning this lifestyle break for a little while. Making time for me is in the plan. Learn to look after me and get better at self-care. I know you can get products like these to help you to learn to relax and take the stresses away.

One of my favourite things to do to relax is to read. Before the girls, I could get lost for hours in a good book. Curled up with a hot chocolate and a book is the best. Now I have to grab a few minutes here and there to read. It’s not the same. With my time being hopefully more organised over the next few months, I can block out reading time.

These are the plans for the next few months! I’m a complete novice on exercising and getting fit so if you have any tips for me, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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