Celebrating your Birthday as a Parent

If you’re fortunate enough to be the parent of a young child (or several young children), then you’ll probably struggle to find time to do much of anything by yourself – let alone celebrate your birthday in the way that you’d really like! Of course, few of us want to erase our children entirely from the festivities, but it would be nice to have a few hours where they aren’t treated as the priority.

For some of us, giving up on that ‘me’ time around birthdays isn’t such a big deal. For others, it’s going to be a source of long-term resentment that’ll build up over the years. Better to get the problem sorted: book a babysitter (or rope a willing grandparent into the job), and turn the day into the occasion it really deserves to be. If you’re organising a birthday for your spouse or significant other, then you might take this job on their behalf. Just don’t forget the birthday card!

Celebrating your Birthday as a Parent

But that still leaves the question of what you’re going to do with the day. Let’s ponder a few suggestions, shall we?

Visit a Spa

If there’s one thing sure to wipe away the stress of looking after a houseful of children, it’s the tranquil setting of a spa. You’ll be pampered, massaged, and, best of all, the whole thing will take place in near silence.


One thing that parenthood tends to change is our cinema viewing habits. As much as we all appreciate computer-generated films about talking dragons and their bumbling human sidekicks, there’s an opportunity here to go and see something a little more grown-up. Note that ‘grown-up’ needn’t mean cerebral: this is just a chance to watch something that you can’t take the kids to see.

Retail Therapy

On a similar note, most of your shopping trips are probably dominated by the things that your offspring need (or just want). If you used to find shopping trips enjoyable rather than exhausting, then why not plan a short trip to your local shopping centre? There’s only one rule to abide by, here: you’re only buying stuff for yourself.

Take Time out for What You Used to Do

Before you had children, did you have any hobbies? These are the small distractions that you occupy yourself with almost for the sake of it: playing the accordion, reading novels about vampires, building miniature sailing boats. Well, if you’ve got the children occupied elsewhere for a few hours in the afternoon, then it’s the perfect time to dig out those old pastimes and remember how much enjoyment you once got from them.

Take Time out for What You’ve never Done

Of course, not all birthday activities are of the familiar, comforting variety. If you’ve always wanted to drive a Lamborghini, go bungee-jumping, or visit the botanical gardens, then what better excuse could there be than a birthday celebration?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it gives you ideas on how to celebrate your birthday as a parent.

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  1. Some great ideas here. My 40th is next year and my best friends are also 40 so we are searching for ideas. Luckily our birthdays are mainly all in the summer months thank goodness.

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