Family Life Update May 2020

Last year I was so good at keeping up with my family life update diary posts. The last one was here back in November 2019, although I did write a post on what happens after lockdown earlier in the month which was a mini update on life. But this year it’s been tough to get around to everything and life just got in the way.

Little Dottie in the garden

My aim is to try and block a small amount of time to get back into writing these updates. I love looking back over them and seeing how much the girls are changing and growing up. This one from L’s 11 month old review is one of my favourites. Of course, my photo skills are a pile of rubbish back then. But it’s showing how far I’ve come learning new blogging skills.

Last week we were supposed to be at Butlins for our holiday. We had planned lots of things for this year to do before L start’s school in September. But like many other people, the Coronavirus has disrupted life.

We got our refund back from Butlins and set about using that money to create fruit and veg plots. I’ve always wanted a kitchen garden so this is what we set about doing last week.

Creating a kitchen garden veg plot

Mr B has worked really hard on the garden, during his holiday week. He has been working relentlessly lately doing 10 hour days in his job alongside the NHS. Most of this has been from home and although he’s here he has been stuck away in my home office. So I thought he deserved a gift, like this wrist watch. Maybe he won’t forget the time when he’s been stuck away in the office for hours!

Mr B wearing a wrist watch

Last week was also a week of decisions. Tough decisions. The first one was making the final step of resigning from my job of 15 years. Last year I planned to leave there this year, but when the Coronavirus happened, I had second thoughts. My job is a key worker role in retail, so I had that to fall back on. But my passion is in blogging. I’ve worked so hard over the past 5 years to build it up where it is today. With L starting school soon, the hours in that job wouldn’t fit. But blogging and working for myself works the best for me and my family. So here I am. A full-time blogger with my hopes, dreams, and plans ahead of me. I can do this!

L- family life update 2020

The second decision is whether to send L back to preschool at the start of June. She is craving her school structure. I’m worried she will find it hard to settle into reception at school in September if she hasn’t been in a school environment for 6 months. I worry about her mental health. Since she has stopped going to preschool, she gets easily frustrated and will hit and kick out. But there is the risk of sending her back. We are lucky to live in Cornwall where the cases are low. But it’s not risk free. We are having to weigh up her needs and the risk. I don’t think COVID-19 is going away so quickly, it will still be here in September. It’s a tough decision when you just don’t know what to do.

I hope you have enjoyed this family life update post.

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4 thoughts on “Family Life Update May 2020

  1. Nice watch, nice idea, nice gift. Hopefully it will help your partner in regards to time keeping / time management, work / life / family life balance.

  2. He definitely deserves a gorgeous watch for the hard work he is doing. Life is going so fast at the moment even though we are all at home, it’s crazy.

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