What Happens After Lockdown?

We are coming up the end of our 8th week in lockdown. The last time Mr B and I went out was for his birthday lunch on 14th March. We were the only ones in the restaurant at the time. Pretty strange for sure. Today Boris Johnson is going to give a speech at 7 pm on the lockdown situation. There are rumours we are being phased out of lockdown slowly. But those are just rumours. What I want to know for myself and my family is what happens after lockdown?

8 weeks in and staying at home does seem normal for us now. We are in some kind of routine with the girls and they are happy. Every now and again we get a blip with L wanting to know when she can go back to her preschool. I get all emotional when I think about that.

What Happens After Lockdown?

What if the school and nurseries are not open until September? From a selfish point of view, my little girl won’t get to say bye to her preschool friends and teachers. She won’t finish that chapter of her life and this does upset me. She is due to start in her reception year this coming September at our local primary, but with none of her preschool friends. Is she school ready? I hope so. She knows how to dress and change herself for starters. She can basically write her own name, counts up past 20, and knows her alphabet. Oh and can read quite a lot of words. I’m no teacher by no means, I don’t have that kind of patience! But I like to think she knows enough.

Actually talking about getting children ready for school, has made me think of my own school life. I never went to any nursery or preschool. In fact I never made it in on my first day. I point blank refused to go to school! There was no pressure back then for small children. That has changed.

After all this lockdown is over, I’m sure there are lots of parents out there needing some kind of free online therapy. Personally I’m very anxious about doing the regular day to day things we used to do. Like going to the supermarket. Putting little Dottie into the trolley seat, that has been touched by who knows what. This is scary.

child in shopping trolley

I feel terrified for my girl’s future. Will the world ever go back to what it used to be? Has our daily lives as we knew it changed forever? Will wearing masks on public transport and in public areas be the new normal?

I do know that social distancing will be the new normal. It has to be. As well as handwashing. These two things will not stop and eventually, we ill get used to it. At the moment it feels strange out on our daily walk seeing someone walking towards you suddenly walk out into the road to avoid getting too close. I’m guessing the strangeness will wane over time.

So what happens after lockdown? It seems to be a question no one has fully answered yet, as no one knows.

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  1. I suppose like everything else we will adjust our lives after lockdown. So many things have changed in lockdown, my great grandson is missing his nursery friends. I am fortunate that I am retired but I miss my friends from Aqua Fit (Can’t see that opening up any time soon) and various organisations I belong to but I am enjoying cooking from scratch more and baking. It wold lovely to have a birthday party for my husband’s birthday next week, but it will have to be a virtual one. I am grateful for social media at this time, at least we can have video calls and FaceTime with the family, I haven’t got round to Zoom yet but I’ll give it a go.

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