Getting a Preschooler Ready For School

*AD-gifted: We were given these selection of educational books in exchange for this post.

Before the lockdown, L was going to preschool 4 mornings a week. She was in a fantastic routine. Getting in her uniform each morning and heading out the door like a child much older than 4 years. Her preschool is fantastic and they stretch her ability. I’ve been told she is very advanced for her age and a very smart girl. Everyone mistakes her for older than a just turned 4 child. She’s very tall, like her dad and has been wearing 5-6 year old clothes for a while.

Get Ready For School wipe clean activity pack.

One thing that is important in getting ready for school is having your child familiar with books. This isn’t hard in our house! As a HUGE book lover, we have books everywhere. I’ve saved many of my childhood books for the girls when they are older. We were gifted a lovely selection of educational study at home books from Books2Door to help L on her way.

Wipe clean work books for preschoolers and reception

But like any mum in my situation with the preschools closed for the foreseeable future, how can we get on top of getting a preschooler ready for school? The lovely Becca from Pears and Chocolate Sauce has written an excellent post on what does my reception starter need to know? which has put my mind at ease, to be honest. I thought they would need to know how to write their name. But this isn’t the case.

L loves to pick up a book and look through it herself. Then after tea her dad reads one with her. Then when I take her up to bed we read two books each night. Now sometimes they are the same ones each night for a week or so! By this point, she can read every word in the book. By memory! I’m surprised by her amazing memory. Her fairy princess book I reviewed back in 2018 has a list of about 60 fairies in the back and she reads everyone or recalls from memory. Not sure which as she uses her finger to track the words.

L got a fantastic lift the flap book all about the Oceans for her birthday. So was over the moon to continue her flap book collection with these Question and Answer books. She is now Space obsessed! The science one is perfect for school-aged children. It’s a little old for L and not really getting a preschooler ready for school book. But we love the illustrations.

Getting a preschooler ready for school - Questions and Answer lift the flap books

I think practical things a preschooler should know for school are things like putting on their coat and knowing how to dress themselves. L was taught her magic coat trick by one of the nursery nurses at her preschool to get her coat on. I would have never thought of this way in a million years! So I have no worry about her struggling to get her coat on at school now.

Other things your child should know for getting school ready are being able to listen to and follow simple instructions. Communicate their needs. For example, if they need the toilet. Share toys and objects with others, and taking turns. Identify basic patterns, shapes, and colours. Identify some numbers and understand how numbers are used in everyday life. Identify letters, and begin to understand that letters stand for the sounds heard in words. L is really good at identifying letters and can say out her name. But she hasn’t quite grasped that letters stand for the sounds heard in words.

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