Coding Critters, Bopper, Hip and Hop – Toy Review

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Home learning is on our agenda at the moment along with most households in the UK. I’m the first to admit I’m not a teacher, although I loved school and still love learning. But we have been muddling through this past couple of weeks. I’m trying to make learning fun at home and beat boredom, these cute Coding Critters toys from Learning Resources are doing just that! They make a gorgeous Spring Easter gift as well – an alternative to chocolate!

Coding Critters, Bopper, Hip and Hop - Toy Review

Product Description

Hop into preschool coding fun with Coding Critters Bopper the bunny and her two pals, Hip and Hop. They’re reading a storybook for interactive coding adventures. Code Bopper to find carrots, pull them along in her garden cart, and hang out with her two adorable bunny friends, Hip and Hop. Coding Critters introduces early coding concepts to children as young as four through hands-on interactive play.

Coding Critters, Bopper, Hip and Hop playset


  • Introduces young children to early coding and STEM thinking including problem-solving and understanding cause and effect.
  • Children code along with Bopper’s storybook adventure, and help the curious Hip and Hop enjoy fun games and activities.
  • Each storybook coding challenge unfolds in the Coding Critters’ fun pet playset – can you use programming to code to Bopper to collect carrots or pull Hip and Hop along in her cart?
  • Use the directional arrows on Bopper’s back to programme a sequence of up to 30 steps.
  • Coding Critters double as interactive pets: Press Bopper’s nose and switch her to play mode.
  • The set comprises of Bopper the bunny and two coding pals Hip and Hop, playset and accessories, full colour-coding storybook, 10 coding cards and Getting Started guide.
  • Bopper measures 13cm L x 5cm H.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries not included.
  • Features multilingual packaging and guide.
  • Suitable for ages 4-10 years.
Coding Critters, Bopper, Hip and Hop 22 piece programming playset

How To Play

There is a detailed instruction manual included with the Coding Critters. or you can head over to Learning Resources where you can download a copy.

Basically you input the instructions by pressing the directional buttons on the back of Bopper. You can enter up to 30 instructions. To start a programme, press the arrow buttons for which direction you want Bopper to go in. Then press GO to run the programme. To stop the sequence press CLEAR until you hear the CLEAR tone.

Coding Critters Review - Learning Resources

What We Think

Cute adorable critters! I’m new to the coding world, they didn’t have this as such when I was at school. So learning along with L has been a pleasure. We both love setting up little adventures with Bopper around her orchard. Once you get the hang of the instructions it’s pretty straight forward.

The coding storybook and cards are bright and bold, and are a good accompaniment. L is 4 years old so at the lower age range for the 22 piece playset. So we have started off simple. But as she gets older and understands more we will get further along. It’s a great progress tool for understanding coding from simple steps to more advanced. You can input up to 30 steps into Bopper for him to follow. We started off with just a few steps to get used to how he works.

There are what I call “top-up packs” with extra critters you can get to join in with the larger playsets. As well as receiving Bopper and his friends with the playset, we got Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy. They come with a storybook coding adventure, and are fully compatible with any of the coding critters set.

 Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy

The Fluffy & Buffy pack comprises of two bunnies, food, food bowl, coding cards, and a 20-page coding storybook. What’s great about all the Coding critters is that it’s all completely screen-free. A bonus at the moment when we are all, unfortunately, staying at home. It can be easy to turn to screens to combat boredom. But Coding Critters is so much fun and it will keep your kids occupied creating their own adventures or following the ones in the book.

Coding Critters™ Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy

Available From

You can buy these Coding Critters sets from Learning Resources. Plus they have many more!

Coding Critters Bopper, Hip & Hop £40.00

Coding Critters Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy £7.50

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