The Sensitivity Code by Theresa Cheung – Book review

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I found reading The Sensitivity Code by Theresa Cheung very apt at this moment in time, of our life. It’s a scary world at the moment. We are now at the end of our 9th week staying at home due to the Coronavirus. The week before lockdown in the UK, my daughter L had a cold and temperature so I kept her home from preschool. She is a very sensitive 4 year old and staying at home has affected her. She has become easily frustrated with everything and a lot more tearful at the simplest of things.

The Sensitivity Code by Theresa Cheung

Book Description

The Sensitivity Code: Life strategies for thriving in an overwhelming world

Have you ever been told to toughen up or stop taking everything so seriously? Or do you feel that in a harsh world – where the way to get noticed is to shout the loudest – your heartfelt approach just doesn’t cut it?

Some of us are born sensitive. We live our lives vividly through the lens of emotion and with our senses perpetually on high alert.

Even those whom others might label ‘insensitive,’ will experience times in their lives when their innate sensitivity is activated and they feel overwhelmed, or sense and feel things they can’t explain.

Based on strategies proven to be effective by scientists and psychologists, combined with her own research including real stories, Theresa Cheung will show you how to unlock the potential of your sensitivity. She’ll guide you through the steps that will transform the challenges of being a gentle person into a strength and shine a light on how traits such as empathy, intuition, creativity and compassion have the power to unite us.

The Sensitivity Code is a vital resource for the highly sensitive, anyone who has gone through sensitive times or simply longed for the world to be a little kinder.

My Thoughts

Reading through The Sensitivity Code has brought out a lot of my traits to me personally. It’s truly fascinating how much it’s helped me to learn about myself. Throughout my life, people, including Mr B have told me to “lighten up”. Stop taking everything so seriously. I’ve always been a person that has to have things right. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing it? I do prefer my own company to a crowd. I was always the person that felt lonely at a party as a teen.

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Just as recently as Friday, I got overly emotional about handing in my resignation letter to my boss at my part-time job. It’s been on the cards for a while, to be honest. It used to make me feel ill letting work down when my girls were sick and I had to stay at home and look after them. Plus I used to feel guilty going to work when they needed me at home. Knowing what I had learned from The Sensitivity Code helped me through Friday. It gave me the confidence to do this. Being a sensitive person is who you are and it won’t go away. But you can learn tips to help you get through situations.

The aim of The Sensitivity Code is to help gentle people recognise their own worth. To give them the coping tools to manage emotions and navigate insensitive environments. To help sensitive people identify the red flags of toxic relationships. It’s truly helped me through the past few tricky weeks. Thank you.

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