Peppa Pig – Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset Review

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The girls are huge Peppa Pig fans, so I had to curb their excitement to actually get a look in at Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset! It’s been a huge hit! Hours of fun exploring the different features. But before I get too much into sharing what we think, here is a full description of the shopping centre and what it can do.

Peppa Pig - Peppa's Shopping Centre Playset Review

Let’s Dive Into Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset

The idea around the shopping centre is to make new shops, have fun and explore creativity and the imagination. Act out your favourite Peppa episodes, create your own adventures and have a great time. It’s fully compatible with other Peppa Pig figures and play sets. Suitable for alone play or with others.

Peppa Pig - Peppa's Shopping Centre Playset Review

Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset has two floors full of things to do and four shopping areas. The great thing is that you can swap around the backgrounds and swivel the signs to create a total of six different shops!

Changing shop signs and changing the shop backgrounds
highly detailed Peppa's Shopping Centre playset

The Ice Cream Parlour changes into a Pizzeria. The Cake Shop transforms into a Toy Store. Then there is also a Fruit and Veg Shop and a Bakery. A rotating table is included as one of the accessories, where you can change the food on the table.

Rotating table

Don’t forget to check out the oven door that opens in the bakery!

open the oven door on the peppa pig shop playset

The girl’s favourite feature is the working lift. Peppa loves to ride in the lift up to the second floor. You press the button to send her up, then push it back down to ground level. It’s lots of fun!

it has a real working lift -Peppa's Shopping centre

Now this next feature we are going to look at is the working microphone and sounds. Kids will love it! Parents/carers maybe not so much!! It’s loud, and sounds exactly like a tanoy in a shopping centre, yes it’s got the Bing Bong! But the saving grace is that it’s detachable. So you can take it off for quieter play! The girls love to press the button and put out their own announcements. It brings a real-life role-play element to the playset.

The playset is full of accessories. You get the Peppa articulated figure, with 12 different accessories for play fun! There are a couple of shopping trolleys, a cash register, bags of shopping, chairs, and the rotating restaurant table.

Accessories with the Peppa Shopping Centre


  • Size H40, W50, D30cm.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AAA (not included).
  • For ages 3 years and over.

Final Thoughts

We thoroughly love the playset. It comes already built ready to play. It’s lightweight and can be carried around. It’s big enough for two children to play with it together or great for alone playtime. The real microphone is a hit along with the working lift. There are plenty of features, so lots to play with and explore. We would have loved more than one character with the playset, but it’s easy to interchange the characters from other Peppa Pig playsets. It would make an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Peppa's Shopping Centre playset helps with imaginative play

Where Can I Buy Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset?

You can buy Peppa’s Shopping Centre from Argos

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  1. My 5 year old is still Peppa mad, she has one playset and the plane and car set. I have not seen this one before, great review.

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