KidloLand App Review and Giveaway

I was offered the chance to review the fantastic app from Kidloland which is aimed at ages 0-5 years old. I had never heard of KidloLand before so was very interested in what their app could offer a 5 month old.

My initial questions were:

  • Would it be too old for a 5 month old?
  • Are there lots of activities to do?
  • Would it keep an older child occupied?
  • What was the quality of the images like?
  • Do you get your monies worth?

So the app was easy to download from the app store onto my iPhone. I was eager to see what the app was about.

KidloLand review and giveaway - lullabies, colours, shapes
 The music is loud and clear on the nursery rhymes. The app is very bright and colourful perfect for all ages. My baby girl was fascinated with the onscreen animations. At 5 months she is too young for the games and educational activities but loves the rhymes and sounds.
There are over 260 nursery rhymes and educational songs on the KidloLand app and over 100 games and activities. So you really do get your monies worth. It will keep pre-school occupied for a long time, and the best thing is that they are learning at the same time with the colours, ABC section and of course shapes.
I love the way the words to the nursery rhymes show up on the screen so you can follow along singing away! We especially like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Playing with the KidloLand app
You can tap on many of the different characters and animals in the app for interactive activities.
KidloLand App interactive activities
One of the really great features of KidloLand is the play list. You can create your own play list from the songs to play over and over again.
KidloLand app Playlist section
There is a great help section that should answer most of your questions. You can also keep up to date with your subscription here. There is a kid safety feature to enter this section so no unwanted fingers can start pressing all the buttons! There are no adverts on the app either which is brilliant for kids.
KidloLand app Help section
Oh and another good thing is that once you have downloaded the songs you can use them offline anywhere.
So to answer all my questions from the start, I don’t think it’s too old for a 5 month old. Especially if you have an inquisitive one like mine! There are hundreds of activities to do to keep older children occupied on a tablet. It’s good for their learning and hand/eye coordination. The design and illustrations are fantastic. Bright, bold colours and yes, it’s completely worth the money.
Image from KidloLand

You can get the app in the Google Play Store iOS and the Amazon Appstore 

If you would love to give KidloLand a follow on social media you can here on Twitter Instagram and Facebook 

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  1. Baa Baa Black Sheep – she won’t go to sleep unless we’ve sung it at least three times! 🙂

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