How to plan a baby-friendly trip to Blackpool

When my husband was a child he used to love going to Blackpool and now we have a baby hopefully we will be able to and visit there soon so he can share his experiences with her.
When Visit Blackpool asked me if they could write a guest post for my blog on how to plan a baby friendly trip to Blackpool I thought it would be a great idea, especially with the Summer Holidays coming up. So here it is below. I hope you enjoy reading it and it gives you some pointers at what to do in Blackpool

Planning a baby-friendly day out in Blackpool is easy. Honestly, there’s so much to do there. It’s a fun-packed destination that the whole family can enjoy – from the acclaimed beaches to meeting all the animals at Blackpool Zoo, here are some things that you and your young ones will love.

Blackpool Zoo

There are over 1,500 animals at Blackpool Zoo and loads of different activities to try out. Park the pram by an enclosure and watch the flamingos, zebras, meerkats and giraffes graze, while the kids look on in awe with their imaginations running wild.

It’s a fabulous day out with brilliant animals and loads of places to take a seat to enjoy some lunch, but keep a lookout on the free-roaming cheeky monkeys!


Sandcastle Waterpark

Did you know you can experience the tropics in Blackpool? No, really! Sandcastle Water Park is Britain’s biggest indoor waterpark and it caters for everyone. The amount of kids’ activities means you can leave slightly-older children to go off and play while you enjoy the warm, shallower waters with the little ones.

The Caribbean Storm Treehouse is an interactive play area that will keep them entertained, if not soaked, especially with 600 gallons of water ready to be tipped over you at any time!

 Sea Life

At the SEA LIFE, Blackpool kids and adults alike can get up close and personal with jellyfish, sharks, lobsters, starfish, and everyone’s favourite: the Clownfish. They’ll love gazing into the huge windows and walking under the submerged tunnel with the water and sea life all around them.

There are 2,000 creatures there and lots of different events throughout the year to check out, so try to incorporate one of them into your trip if you can.

Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon Land is suitable for kids of all ages and like most of Blackpool there are loads of fun things for the young ones to get up to. They can hang out with SpongeBob SquarePants, go on an adventure with Dora the Explorer, or enjoy another one of the exciting themed events, all including the characters from their favourite TV shows.

The Promenade

Finally, a day out in Blackpool wouldn’t be right without a walk along the famous promenade. Take in the sights and sounds, grab an ice cream, go for a ride on the famous trams, or simply sit there and watch the world go by – whatever you choose to do, the hours will fly by as you relax and create memories that will last a lifetime!

I’d recommend taking a look at the Visit Blackpool website to see what’s on when you plan to visit!

*I was not compensated for this guest post in anyway – we just like Blackpool!
Thank you for sharing

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