11 Month Baby Review – Health Visitor

It’s been a while since I did the last review of baby girl, in fact that was her 9 month review. Later on I will let you know how we got on at the health visitor.

But first we come a long way since she was 9 months old in terms of her development. The biggest thing I’m so excited to share with you that I have to blurt out first is that she took her first few steps unaided!!! In New Years Eve as well!!! A fantastic start to 2017!!!!

11 Month Baby Review - Health Visitor
She had been building up to it for a few weeks. Cruising along the sofas gaining confidence all the time. I was sitting on the sofa opposite to my husband and she wanted to come over to me I could see it! So instead of holding on to everything to get to me she had her little arms out for balance and took those precious first 3 steps all by her self. We were so proud and so excited that both of us got to see her do it for the first time.

As each day goes past now she really is gaining her confidence and is finding herself that I know in no-time she will be running around.

So now I have a toddler!!

I know I say it all the time but where has the time gone? She’s growing away in front of my eyes.

Baby Girl
Her other developments are coming along nicely as well. We have had our first  proper word – Apple. No idea why it’s apple. She’s been saying mumma and dadda for ages but the first time she said apple we were creased up. Now it’s her first word in the mornings as soon as she wakes up!

We have had lots of teething dribbles too. Baby girl has cut through her top left tooth and we are currently going through stacks of bibs a day.

The past couple of weeks she has started to get rather picky with her food. If it doesn’t have pasta or noodles in it for her main meal she will screw her little face up, clamp her mouth shut and use her hands to throw the spoon or push it out the way.

She loves her toast, yogurt, banana and other snacks though. Oh and her breakfast porridge is still a huge winner.

Baby Girl banging on her pan with a wooden spoon
Baby girl’s first Christmas was wonderful. She got spoilt by all our family so some of the presents we were going to give her we put back and are saving them for her birthday next month.

Guess what the best thing about Christmas was for her?

The mountain of wrapping paper and boxes!

Like most babies I’m guessing!!

Now shes turning into a very active toddler carseats are next on the agenda. Safety is priority when travelling with a toddler to all the various groups and activities that we are starting to go to.

Today we had her 1-year-old check up with the health visitor, I know it’s a bit early but due to me working mostly during the week, they had to make a special appointment for us after their drop in clinic.

She is 21lb and 73cm in height. Meeting all her targets as well. I’m so proud of my baby girl who is turning into a gorgeous little lady. She was so well-behaved and no trying to get off the weighing scales. In fact she sat on it with her little legs crossed very contentedly.

I was given a few leaflets on advice for meals and safety around the home. I couldn’t help but laugh at the newest leaflet on technology. Children under 2 shouldn’t have any more than half an hour of TV a day!!!!

Is this for real?

Tell me what you are supposed to do with a very active 11 month old all day long without the TV to break up the day. Answers on postcards please.

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by xx


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