9 Month Baby Review

I’m a little late with baby girl’s 9 month review, but this past month has been crazy. I have returned to work as you know, baby girl can now stand up by herself and she has 2 bottom front teeth now.

9 Month Baby Review - teeth
In her 6 month review last time I told you all about our weaning journey and how I hd been trying to get her on formula during the day time. Well that has kind of worked. When my mum has her while I’m at work, baby girl has her formula, also when she’s with her dad on Saturday’s when I’m at work. But when I’m at home it has to be her ‘booby’ I cannot for the life of me get her to take a bottle. She will throw it out of my hands and grab at my bra straps!

So when she’s with me it’s ‘booby’. She’s such a smart girl and will take her formula when she knows I’m not around. My body seems to have reacted with producing less milk while I’m at work so no sore boobs, yes! and while I’ve been at home Wed-Fri I produce enough for her during the day. Our bodies are just amazing aren’t they?

bouncing in her cot - Rachel Bustin
Well now she has 2 little bottom front teeth that are as sharp as razor blades! Shes very good when I’m breastfeeding her and have only been nipped a couple of times. But she seems to want to gnaw at your fingers if you are not careful! Oh and she caught my husbands toe, he just jumped and frightened the life out of all of us!

Baby girl love to pull herself up on anything, the sofa, the sides of her cot, her playpen. Anywhere! She is getting into everything. Loves to pull at the leads on my laptop, knows how to use my iPhone, well slides her fingers across the screen.

We haven’t been doing the baby led weaning thing, but going down the old traditional route of spoon-feeding. She is now trying to feed herself and making a mess in the process! She loves her fromage frais yoghurt, carrot sticks and strawberry wheel biscuits, oh and not forgetting her porridge for breakfast. I love to watch her holding her snacks and munching away with her two little teeth, she really is a cutie.

Watching TV
Our next challenge is for her and me to get used to her daddy putting her to bed on Thursday nights as I will have to work until late as I return to full-time.

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