This is My Back to Work Routine

We are now three weeks into our new routine. Going back to work after 10 months off was hard. I’m currently working 3 days a week until December when I move back to the full 5 days a week. So not looking forward to that. I think 3 days is the perfect balance for us.


That first Monday was hard. It broke my heart to leave her. I knew she would be fine with my parents though. When I went to pick her up at 4pm her little arms and legs were going and she practically jumped into my arms. She cuddles into me laughing and smiling away. It was an emotional moment.

The second day was much better. Baby girl is loving being spoilt by my dad – her papa. He makes her laugh and giggle all the time. This second week is now easier. We are into a good routine now. Getting up at 5:15am is hard but we all go to bed early.

I give her a good breastfeed after I’m dressed then pack her up into her snuggly all in one suit for the 25 minute car journey. These Autumn mornings are chilly so I like to keep her warm and cosy. It’s strange but she doesn’t sleep in the car on the journey to my parents. I think she’s amazed with the sparkly lights as it’s so dark!

When I get to my parents it’s lovely and warm with their Rayburn they have. Baby girl has all her toys packed with her so she can play. I head off to work about 5 minutes from there so not too far. Mum gives her breakfast then she sometimes has a mid morning nap.

Being back at work keeps me occupied and also having the adult conversation keeps me sane! I have always loved my job so a tiny part of me is glad I’m back there. But then again the biggest part of me is missing my baby girl.

Work does feel as if I’ve never been away. It’s funny as 10 months have passed but work hasn’t changed since I left. A few new faces running about but that’s about it. I’m pleased because I have never been a huge lover of change. Maybe that’s why I’m still in the same job 11 years later! It’s made the whole back to work process much easier for me.

How did you find returning to work after maternity leave? Or did you go back at all?

I love to read your comments.


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2 thoughts on “This is My Back to Work Routine

  1. Wow you get up early!! I moan at anything that doesn’t have at least a 7 at the front!! Glad you are getting into a routine and it is good that your work has done a staggered number of days to help you both. Loving your job definitely helps! I love vhange though so I hated going back and feeling that nothing had changed when my entire universe had! I was glad I was leaving!

  2. I’m glad you’re getting into a routine! I also felt like I’d never left when I went back to work (been there for 9 years), but it always feels a bit rushed trying to get the Popple to nursery, me to work, pick her up again, and get home for dinner, bath and bedtime.

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