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Hello and welcome back to nother installment of New Mum Stories. This week I’m honoured to present Angela from The Inspiration Edit. Angela shares with us her story of being a single mum.

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Over To You Angela…

My New Mum Story

 I always wanted to be a mother, It’s been a dream of mine for a long time and when I finally fell pregnant through fertility treatment  in 2008 I was super excited. After my daughter Sylvia was born I just fell in love with her straight away, her little tiny body, her feet and hands, her button nose and her baby smell.
august-2008-The inspiration edit
I remember giving Sylvia her first bath at the hospital and putting almond oil on her skin. I did it because I was told I should. I was told what I should be doing a lot and really had no idea so I just did my best to care for this little human the best I could.
I think during the pregnancy I’d focused mainly on learning about pregnancy, the stages and focused on getting through being so unwell. Looking back I wish I’d read up more on looking after a baby as the role of motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks.
It wasn’t easy looking after my new-born I didn’t have a supportive partner and not much other support in the area I was living.  Many people would tell me what to do, what I should do, what is best for the baby and I became very overwhelmed and stressed.
In the end I decided to do things my way. I chose not to listen to all the voices telling me different things. I figured out what worked for us and went with that. When my daughter was a few months old, I left her father. I had to take out a protection order and move to another city.
It was really tough becoming a single mum, but easier than living with a controlling man who was not treating me the way I deserved. I found the hardest part of caring for a baby was being stuck with the baby 24 hours a day.  Some mothers love it some find it a huge adjustment.
Eventually I chose to place my baby girl into childcare. It was not an easy choice but I made the decision and went back to work as a relief teacher. Some days I worked, some days I just had time out to attend counseling and have some me time. I always got my baby girl back around 3pm and spent the evenings together before putting her to bed each night.
I moved close to my parents and my mum babysat one night a week so I could attend a class called “Breaking the cycle”. It was to help me become strong enough not to return to my daughter’s father.  I loved having one night off a week and going to my class, it helped me grow emotionally and get stronger. I would also eat out and feel free just one night a week. On other nights, being a single mother once my child was in bed that was it I had to stay in the house.
It wasn’t a bad thing becoming a parent. It was wonderful. I loved being a mother from day one even though I did have a tough start and had to make difficult decisions for my daughter and I.
I’d love to have another child one day and I think I’d better know what to expect. I think the best advice is to follow your heart not the many voices telling you how to do everything. My daughter is now 8 years old and I’ve loved watching her grow and develop and it’s been a wonderful part of my life.
Angela - The Inspiration Edit
Thanks Angela for your New Mum Story.

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  1. Well done for doing what was best for you and your daughter. It must have been so tough especially so soon after having your little girl. Xx

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