New Mum Stories: Mini Me and Luxury

Hello, welcome back to another installment of New Mum Stories. It’s been a while since the last New Mum Story but as I’m getting ready to become a mum again in a few months I thought I would bring this series back to reminisce all over again!

This week I’m joined by Mama from Mini Me and Luxury a Luxury Lifestyle, Travel and Parenting blog.



Over to you Mama..

Pregnant at 31 with my first (and only) child, my friends and family keep saying to me “you will find this easy, you have looked after 1000’s babies” and indeed I had, during my career as a professional nanny and maternity nurse.

However nothing prepared me to become a new mum.

My pregnancy was straight forward and I worked until 34 weeks until flying around the world became a little too much, and then I went home and decorated  my house and caught up with family and friends. Suddenly at 39 weeks on Mother’s Day 2013 Minime arrived in just 4 hours, weighing 7lb 6oz.

Back at home in 12 hours and snuggled up with my precious bundle I thought this is going to be perfect, what can go wrong?

Wrong?? I can tell you about wrong, fast forward 2 weeks and picture me sitting on my bed looking at my crying newborn and my boobs attached to my pump with 0.1ml of breast milk coming out and my son looking like he was ready for a steak. Despite years of giving beast feeding advice, I couldn’t do it.

My breastfeeding journey took time, medication, pumping and more time. I had an army of support including my midwife, lactation consultant, doctor and colleagues. I pumped at home, I pumped while I was in the car, yes really, at the dinner table, in bed, I’m pretty sure I actually pumped in my sleep!

Minime survived the experience and we got through things together with a little help of formula, patience and of course my pump! Weaning was a much simple affair and he took to it like a hungry bear eats honey, he ate almost everything I put in-front of him except avocado which in fact even at four, if he is handed an avocado you would think it was a weapon of mass destruction.

Mini Me and Luxury

The lesson I learnt was don’t judge yourself, go with the flow and stop comparing yourself to everyone else, there will always be a woman who can breastfeed whilst juggling five other kids and a cook gourmet meal for her husband at the same time.

A wise woman once sat down next to her crying client and gently said “just because you are a paediatrician who supports breastfeeding, doesn’t mean your boobs are going to follow your advice” relax and take it at your own pace, and do what you want to do – that lady was me and now my parenting journey is about listening to myself and Minime and doing the best I can do.

Thanks Mama for your story.

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