The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries: #5

Hello, here I am again with another Sunday pregnancy diary entry. Last week’s was all about organising my maternity leave through work. This week I had the pleasure of going to have a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) done as I’m at the 26 weeks mark.

I had one a couple of years ago with baby girl and the results were all fine with that one. As I’m writing this I still have yet to get the results back.

The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #5 - GTT

My appointment was at 830am at the doctors, but I was told that the night before I was not to eat or drink anything but water from 6pm onwards. This was so hard. I love to have a munch on chocolate in the evening. It was harder again to get up and make baby girls breakfast and not to have a mouthful. By the time I got to see the nurse at the doctors I felt quite faint and dizzy. My belly was rumbling like mad!

The lovely nurse took my blood and made up some concoction in a Carlsberg pint glass. She gave me a spoon to stir it so the heavy clear sugary substance didn’t all sink to the bottom. It was grim. I tried to drink it as fast as I could without urging.

The worst thing was that I wasn’t even allowed to rinse my mouth or have a sip of water to refresh my mouth. She said now go and sit in the waiting room and I’ll see you in 2 hours. Please don’t leave the premises.

Right so now I’m sitting in the busy waiting room, thank god for Facebook and Twitter to keep me amused. Mind you there is always something going on in a doctor’s waiting room. One poor kid came out from seeing the doctor and threw up in a jug! So what I needed to see.

Then a little old lady came and sat next to me and when it was her time to go in she turned and said to me,

“You go in before me dear, you’ve been waiting longer than me”

How sweet is that, I told her,

“I’m fine thanks I have to wait here for 2 hours”

Yesterday I got a call that I’m being moved for the third time to a new midwife, because of my previous midwife having too many patients on her books. Typical it would be me that had to be moved!

Nevermind, I’m all planned in for my C-Section with the consultant so I don’t have a lot to say to the midwife, plus I haven’t seen one since October!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you are enjoying following my pregnancy diaries.



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