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Get your kids to eat anything. Yes this! Back when I started to wean L, my 3-year-old, I went down the traditional route of puree food. I think it was a lack of confidence from me and my worries of choking. As she got older, she was eating more finger foods and by around 20 months would eat anything. Now she’s 3 she is picky. My 11-month-old eats more than she does! But then I did baby led weaning this time from the start. Baby Dottie refused to eat anything but yogurt from a spoon, so I didn’t have a choice.

As my girls get older, I’m always looking for new food ideas for them and to encourage L to try more foods. When I got the chance to have a peek at blogger Emily Leary’s Get Your Kids to Eat Anything cookbook and guide, I was thoroughly excited.

cover - Get Your Kids To Eat Anything by Emily Leary

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading this great book. We’ve tried one of the recipes and I’m looking forward to trying out more.

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is a unique 5 phase programme looking at the issue of fussy eating in a holistic way that links imagination with food. It also great for the whole family, to try out new ideas and not fall back on the same meals each week. I know we are culprits to this. It’s been know for myself and Mr B to eat the same meal 2 or 3 times a week, of course its healthy but it’s not very inspiring. I’m hoping over time Emily’s book will be guiding us to all eat together a fun, colourful diet with new flavours.

So, what is the 5-phase approach?

Phase 1 – Put the unfamiliar into the familiar

Phase 2 – Educate

Phase 3 – Discover the fun in food

Phase 4 – Step into the unknown

Phase 5 – Cement variety

I love this idea, of breaking down the approach into more manageable chunks. It’s clever. I like to think of this book as a guide which Emily herself explains at the start. It’s much more than a recipe book.

Over the first few pages, Emily shares with us her story of how she came up with the 5 phase approach and how to adjust your mindset and prepare your family. She touches on meal planning which is something I do but need to get better with.

Review Get Your Kids To Eat Anything by Emily Leary

Emily has a great section on what ingredients to stock up on and get you started. That’s what I’m enjoying about this book is the little additions that help build the bigger picture surrounding fussy eaters.

There are lots of diagrams and recipe plans to help you get started and guide you through the phases. It takes you gently through the steps which for someone like me with not a lot of food knowledge is indispensable.

The first recipe in the book is a fav of mine. Apple pie smoothie. It’s a great one to start with as it’s simple, quick and easy to make. Yet delicious and healthy.

I want to thank Emily again for sending me out a copy. I can highly recommend this book for families and will be working my way through. It’s a book to be used, a guide, a bible if you like. It even gives you the shopping list at the back!

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13 thoughts on “Review: Get Your Kids To Eat Anything by Emily Leary

  1. Think it is important you give your kids a wide variety of foods. Would love to read this book.

  2. Some great ideas, I find with my children if something is on their plate they dont like it, yet the minute myself and their dad sit down with something to eat they suddenly show an interest and like the food, and then ask for it next time xx

  3. It definitely helps if you expose your kids to a wide range of foods early on, rather than sticking to the same old things.

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