The Best Blogging Topics You Might Not Have Thought About

We all know about niche bloggers who are earning multiple full time incomes from their website. What we don’t know, however, is that they started with nothing, no connections and followers, and chances are that they have been in the industry for many years. If you would rather not try to state the obvious and break into a competitive niche with your blog, there are plenty of alternatives that will still attract the right audience, provided that you can find them and appeal to them.

The Best Blogging Topics You Might Not Have Thought About

Below you will find  a few ideas you can build a new blog around.


One of the most controversial and problematic topics today is related to gender and racial equality, as well as equal treatment at the workplace. You don’t have to belong to one of the minority groups to have your say. Research the topic, get people to submit their stories and become the go-to expert when it comes to workplace discrimination and human rights. You will be able to draw an audience that is just as passionate about the topic as you, and get charities to support you along the way.

Interview Skills

There is no such thing as a job for life any more, and people are changing jobs more often. This gives you the opportunity to start blogging not only about your own job searching experience, but also share stories and tips on how to nail an interview. You can research books and publications, check out similar blogs from recruitment agencies, and even develop your technique to share with people who are struggling to get their dream job for one reason or another.

Personal Assertiveness

In today’s dog eats dog culture, it is hard to get your point across and achieve your personal goals. People often struggle with communication and getting that promotion or a better deal. You can make this your blog topic and make the most out of your audience research. Create interviews, add a podcast, and make your site a source of motivation and support. You might even create a webinar or promote related Amazon books to monetise your blog long term once you have a decent sized audience.

Expat Experiences

In case you have lived in multiple countries for work or just for leisure, you might not want to go for the common travel blog scheme, which is a very crowded niche. Instead, talk about your expat experiences and provide financial, personal, and culture tips for people who are thinking about settling down in a new country. Most individuals do their research before making a big decision, such as relocation. You can tap into your niche easily if you set the right tone for your blog.

Money Saving Tips for the Home

With the money squeeze and the financial problems people face when going through separation, are between jobs, or need to fund their education to get a better life, it is becoming extremely important for an increasing number of individuals to save money every day. From learning DIY skills to managing their budget and their home improvement projects in a way that they avoid debt, there are plenty of things you can teach them if you have relevant experience or background.

DIY Technology

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In case you have always been fascinated by technology, and love experimenting, you can build a blog based on what you can accomplish in your garage. For example, you can show people how to create a home irrigation system, tune up a car, or even build a solar power source at home. Those who love getting their hands dirty and enjoy tinkering with tools will appreciate the detailed videos and guides you are putting online. No matter what your talent is, you can showcase it on your blog.  


There are so many self-taught programmers and designers out there. They want to save money on their education, but are constantly looking for ways of improving their skills. You can research the latest trends in technology and find a way to explain them to your readers. You will be able to get loads of followers and establish yourself in the marketplace as an expert when it comes to information technology.

Blogging should not be boring, and it is important that you choose a topic you already know about and can provide value to your readers in. Instead of writing about what everyone else does, find your profitable niche that suits your interest and skills.  

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  1. I would definitely consider following a blog which focused solely on saving money and increasing passive income.

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