Why You Need To Start Blogging Today

Blogging is a thing of the “new age.” If you think back to the ‘90s, you never really heard about bloggers. During that time, the closest thing we had to bloggers was advice columns in your favourite monthly magazine.

Around the turn of the millennium, blogs started to become more mainstream. Now, in the 21st century, blogging has become a norm and the growing population is ready to try their hand at this new craft. While most people might feel that it’s too much work to start your own blog, you can easily start your own blog in 60 minutes. There are quite a few reasons to test the waters, and if you need a bit of a push, here are 5 reasons to help get you going.

Why You Need To Start Blogging Today

Share Your Passion

One of the biggest reasons to start a blog is because it’s an avenue to share your passion with the world. For example, if you love fashion and styling outfits, a blog might be your outlet. In fact, now with the new updates to Instagram with Guides and Reels, you can blog straight to that platform. If you want to get your following off the ground you Get instagram followers quickly as well. But do you know what? The way life works, we’re not always able to have a career in the field we love. For those working a typical 9 to 5, you might not have the ability or time to pursue that niche, but talking about your passion in a blog is a way to help yourself feel more fulfilled. You may one day aspire to be featured in a magazine publication, this is something I’m aiming for.

Build Your Brand

In the 21st century social media world, a singular person has the ability to be a brand. Influencers are taking over the marketing world and outside of likes on Instagram and views on YouTube, blogging is another way of building your brand. If being in front of a camera is uncomfortable for you, starting your own blog is an alternative way to gaining more exposure without the feelings of putting yourself on display.

Makes You More Relatable

Whether it’s for personal reasons or as part of a marketing strategy for a business or brand, blogging is going to help make you more relatable to your audience. “A picture is worth a thousand words” has been an idiom around for decades, if not centuries. While people are able to get a good sense from a picture, nothing is accurately able to show your personality or the vibe of your brand more than the written word. From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see other people as unattainable, but blogging makes you look for relatable to your audience and helps keep them more invested.

Boost Your Skills

While blogging might not seem like a skill to most, starting your own blog will definitely help you hone a few skills required to maintain it. Blogging will easily help you become a better writer. If it’s something to want to create a career out of, it should also help you become well versed in search engine optimization (SEO) which is a skill that marketers look for. Starting your own blog will even help you become a more efficient writer and speaker. The task with blogging is to keep your audiences’ interest and you’ll learn ways to keep them interested while sharing what you have to say.

Increase Your Network

Let’s face it. The marketing world has started to shift its focus from commercial ads and started using internet and social media influencers to do their marketing for them. Through their change in targeting, they are able to create a network of influencers that blogging could put you in connection with. These companies have events and even sponsored trips that open up a network of creatives. Starting your own blog can open similar doors that will not only help you increase your network and the people in it, but in turn this will bring value to your brand and content.

Starting your own blog isn’t just a one and done deal. There are quite a few steps that go into starting and maintaining a successful one, but the information is out there! If you’re ready to reap the benefits of starting your own blog, here’s how to get started.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this has given you some pointers on why it’s a good idea to get into blogging. It’s one of the best things I’ve every done. Now I can stay at home much more with my girls and still be able to earn a living. So why not start blogging today?

You can check out my other blogging tips here in my blog tips section and Rachael over at Lukeosaurus and Me has some great tips on growing your email list with an email sign up form.

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14 thoughts on “Why You Need To Start Blogging Today

  1. Found this article very informative, been thinking of doing a blog for a while, so there many useful tips here, thank you for sharing

  2. I would love to start my own blog but had no idea how to start. Your blog is great, it is so varied and interesting

  3. People always tell i should blog but I just think I dont kno where to sart but i enjoyed reading this thanks

    1. I’m really pleased it has inspired you. It is scary at first, but then as your confidence grows, I’m pretty sure you won’t look back! xx

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