Garden Home Office Ideas

I’ve always liked the idea of having a garden home office. The garden has always been my favourite space. It’s where I can have a few moments to myself away from the kids. When I can I spend my spare time outside pottering around with the fruit patch, and of course the chickens! As my blog and freelance writing business gets busier, I want to find a home office space for myself to work in. There is only so much you can do on the sofa!

So we have a big enough garden to accommodate a garden office if we want one. Then my love of the garden can be incorporated into a relaxing office work space. It’s something on the cards for the future to think about. I have lots of plans for the garden this Spring/Summer, including turning one half of the front garden into a veg plot. We are lucky to have a large front garden as well as the back one.

Garden Home Office Ideas

Going back to thinking about the garden home office and ideas of how we can make it work for us. I’ve only really thought about the idea of having one, and not looked into the logistics of it. Therefore I’m going to do a little brainstorming session of garden home office ideas.

Types of garden home office

If your garden is on the smaller size you may only have room for a small garden home office. You might want it in the corner of your garden so require limited windows. You may want it to be rendered or just wood, brick built even. There are many options to think about. Including whether to have an extra room in your garden home office. Might come in useful for storage, or a guest room. Then again it could be your kids playroom! There are lots of garden home office ideas around to help you some up with what you need.

What do you want in your garden home office?

Of course in your garden room you want your desk, chair, shelves, filing cabinet etc, the normal office stuff. But what about a toilet? Haha you may think, what’s she on about? Why would you want a toilet in your garden shed? You may laugh but just think, its cold, its raining and you need a pee and you are working comfortably in your garden office. And you have to brave it running across the garden to get inside to use the bathroom. Yes, my idea of having a toilet in your home office isn’t such a bad idea now is it??

Well what else are you looking for in a garden office? You would want it to be insulated, have power, windows for plenty of light. A coffee machine, kettle, tea, biscuits. All of these are necessitates for that “work” environment and for you to be at the top of your game and be the most productive.

Then you might need a few home comforts to make it your cosy working space. For my home office space I would want it to be like a garden escape. Lots of plants, flowers and painted in calming colours. Also the window would have to look out over my chickens!

What would you have in your garden home office space?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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9 thoughts on “Garden Home Office Ideas

  1. I sit by my French windows overlooking the garden – it’s almost like being outside without having to brave the weather!

  2. This is a great idea. I have a home office in my small bedroom and I have plans to revamp it this year. But I also have a lovely garden and to find a spot to work outside in the summer seems a great idea. Looking forward to see how you proceed

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