Unexpected Exotic Fruits You Can Grow in a UK Garden

It is becoming all the more popular for people to use their garden space to grow their own crops. Not only is this fun, as well as satisfying, but it also means that you get the added bonus of being able to eat the things that you have grown. Ideal for new gardeners and families alike. Have you thought about the challenge of trying exotic fruits you can grow in a UK garden?

The only trouble with this is that sometimes it can feel that the crops that you have cultivated are a little on the obvious side. Whilst there is nothing wrong with growing tomatoes, sometimes you long for something a little more, well exotic.

Of course, you are going to think that here in the UK it is impossible to grow anything that is remotely exotic. However, this really isn’t true. In fact, there are plenty of unexpected exotic fruits that you can grow in a UK garden.

But what are they? Let’s take a look at the options that are open to you and why they should become a feature in your garden.

Pineapple Guava

The great thing about these plants is that not only can you eat the amazing egg sized fruits when they grow, but during the growing process you can also eat the flowers too. The flowers produced not only smell gorgeous, but are also a stunning crimson colour too, which looks great. The fruit, when it has grown tastes amazing, some say that it is just like pineapple, peach, strawberry, apple and plum all rolled into one.

Unexpected Exotic Fruits You Can Grow In A UK Garden

The fruits of this plant will only ripen ready to eat during the summer months, however, the plant itself can withstand cold temperatures and still survive.

Chinese Loquats

Sweet and cute with a truly beautiful shrubbery. The great thing about this particular plant is that it will bloom in both the autumn and winter. The flowers may only be a basic white colour, but they smell amazing, which is an added bonus. During the spring months the plant will start to produce these small deep orange or yellow fruits. They are plum like in their appearance and are incredibly sweet to taste. Ideal if you want a lovely fresh treat that will transport you to another world. The thing to remember about these particular fruits is that they prefer to be in warmer conditions, which means that you perhaps should consider invest in a greenhouse or a fruit cage to grow them in when the weather isn’t looking so kind.

Passion Fruit

Many people think that it is near impossible to grow passion fruit here in the UK, but this really isn’t true. This particular plant, a climber, will need to be grown facing North as they require lots of sun to get going. Not only this, but they do need plenty of TLC, with weekly watering throughout the warmer months, which means that they might not be the ideal choice for those who are short on time, or motivation to get out in the garden. They can grow quite tall in the right conditions, which means that you need to ensure that they have plenty of space as well as being properly supported too. However, all this effort will lead to an amazing and exotic fruit that you can really enjoy harvesting and eating.


We love pomegranates. Not only do they taste great, but they also look amazing too and really give a colourful and exotic burst to your garden. The plant itself, during bloom will be covered in beautiful rich, red flowers, which makes for the ideal focal point for your garden.

Unexpected Exotic Fruits You Can Grow In A UK Garden

One thing that you should realise about this particular fruit is that it will produce fruit, even in harsher conditions, however, to really make the most and produce plenty of pomegranates that you can then enjoy, you need to properly look after  the plant and make sure that it is as protected as much as possible.

Invest in a fruit cage

If you like the thought of growing some of these awesome plants at home yourself, then you are going to need to make sure that you invest in the right equipment. One great place to start is with a fruit cage. Being able to grow exotic plants in a fruit cage means that they are not only going to be protected, but also they can make the most of the UK weather, soaking up the sunshine when it makes an appearance and then hiding from the rains and winds when they come to visit.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this post has given you inspiration on what exotic fruits you can Grow in a UK garden.

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11 thoughts on “Unexpected Exotic Fruits You Can Grow in a UK Garden

    1. I had one that produced lots of fruit,I have south westerly facing garden and I grew it up the side of the house on a trellis

  1. Oh wow, didnt know w could grow half of these, very interesting blog thank you, might be going to a garden centre now lol

  2. I will have to try some of these in my garden. My future garden project is to grow a lemon treee from the pips of a lemon x

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