What Can We Expect In The Blogging World For 2021?

2020 has been a strange year, we can all agree on that! The blogging world has had to deal with a fair few changes this year. Due to the restrictions and lack of travel, the travel blogging industry hit the deck so to speak. Thankfully it is starting to pick up now. The home education bloggers hit the jackpot with enormous jumps in page views due to the whole country and many parts of the world homeschooling. Did you know that 77% of internet users read at least one blog each day?

What Can We Expect In The Blogging World For 2021?

Social media is a big part of blogging and it is evolving. Twitter has Fleets and Instagram has introduced Reels and Guides. This makes me think they want creators to have no reason to go off the platforms elsewhere. There are plenty of content creators that just use Instagram for this purpose. I find it really scary and risky. You are putting all your eggs in one basket by using Instagram only. What happens if your account is deleted? You have no control whatsoever. It’s happened to people I know lately, and they have lost their job overnight. As Instagram cuts down on bots and spam, their algorithm is ever so more sensitive, and flagging up genuine accounts This is why for me, owning your website/blog is the safest way to share your content. It’s yours!

So what can we expect in the blogging world in 2021? Are blogs still relevant?

Blogging is very much relevant. People will always need answers to their questions. A blog is a great way to find these answers who else will be able to answer your question on the best laptop deals? That of course isn’t biased!

Blogging is now about quality over quantity. Clever content over clickbait articles. Get to know your audience, build up their trust in you. Short to the point sentences. People are time-limited and need to find their answer quickly. As you are reading this post I bet you are skim reading it!

The time-conscious people love a good old list. These are easy to read and digest. You want your readers to stay around on your site. Well, why not add fancy graphics, videos, and interactive media to your blog posts? A quiz, survey or interactive calculator will boost your page. These help to increase your dwell time. A useful Lenovo laptop will help you to conjure up these stunning extra elements.

So what is the main point of blogging in 2021? Unique content is your answer. Put your own spin on it, use your knowledge and know-how to provide quality content to your audience. Using this method will help you to outrank your competitors and get to the top of the search rankings. I put a lot of work into a local post of mine. I carefully researched and updated the article as and when with relevant information as a local insider. It climbed up to the top of Google, and even above the local newspaper’s article. Which is a very high authority site! Know your niche/topic and enjoy writing about it. Your passion will get you far on your journey.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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