How To Make a Newsletter For Your Blog

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At the beginning of next year will see this blog 6 years old. It’s been a wonderful journey from the start. But one thing I’ve never concentrated on is to make a newsletter for my blog. I obviously have one that’s pretty basic, and you can sign up in the sidebar if you would like, and I’ve made it my next job to give it a spring clean. Currently, it’s sent out once a week with the latest blog posts from that week. So how can you make a newsletter for your blog? and why is it a must?

How To Make a Newsletter For Your Blog

Why do I need a newsletter/email list?

Why? Because you own it! You can speak to your readers/subscribers/audience directly. No going through social media channels – which you don’t own and could be gone in a flash! In fact just this week there are lots of changes going on over at Instagram with their updated terms. I know of bloggers who have lost their accounts with 20K followers or more just like that. It’s sad but you don’t own that channel, you are kind of renting it. But what you do own is your email subscriber list. And using a system that can mail merge your list to targeted subscribers for that particular area means they are getting a personal touch from you, yet you are sending out a mass email.

Use your list to monetise your blog

You can create special freebies and exclusive content, a call to action that isn’t available on your blog. Build a rapport with your readers. Get them to keep coming back. Your newsletter readers are more likely to take you up on your offers and buy your products.

How to create your blog newsletter

Firstly you need an email system like Mailchimp or Convert Kit, a way for people to subscribe and a system in place for people to confirm their subscription. An email campaign you wish to send and then to design that email. Brainstorm a few ideas that tie in with your blog.

I use Mailchimp, it’s perfect for starting off. It gives you templates and ideas on how to layout your newsletter. Mummy in a Tutu has a great how to guide on Mailchimp.

Why should they subscribe to your email list?

The biggest takeaway from this, and perhaps the hardest is to give people a reason to subscribe.

how to get people to sign up to your email list

Below are some ideas you can explore for bonus content they will get when they subscribe to your list.

  • A free eBook covering a topic in depth
  • Checklist
  • Printable planner
  • Resource list
  • Printable version of a popular blog post

If you are feeling a little more extravagant and have the technical skills you could offer:

  • Presets for Instagram images
  • Canva Pinterest templates
  • Your own bank of stock images

Are there any bonus content ideas you think I’ve missed?

Whatever idea you decide to go with, good luck with building your email subscriber list! Now I have to get on and plan my content upgrades!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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