Madeleine Editions Picture Books App Review

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We love books, any type of books in any format. You can tell from our previous book reviews we get through a lot in our house! But today I’m introducing you to a unique picture books app from Madeleine Editions. Before I get onto our review with what we thought of the app and picture books, here is a little about Madeleine Editions.

The Madeleine Editions App

What is Madeleine Editions?

A delightful publishing house based in Paris, Madeleine Editions present beautiful, immersive story experiences for modern families. They help children age bewteen 3-6 years cultivate an ear for languages and a taste for the creative arts. Each story is an original collaboration between artists from all over the world. Contributors include award-winning writers, world-renowned musicians, the classical music label Deutsche Grammophon, plus veteran as well as up-and-coming illustrators.

Their stories, which have won some of the biggest awards in the industry (Indie Book Awards, Family Choice Awards) are available in English, French, and Chinese read-aloud editions!

The Books

These are the books we received. They are aimed at ages 3-6 years.

Monster Dance – Meet Maurice, an endearingly melodramatic dog, and Charlie, an artistic little girl, as they take on a world that’s suddenly gone topsy-turvy.

The Little Baby Airplane – A story about how the willingness to try, to step out of one’s comfort zone, can lead the way to success. Follow the little baby airplane on his voyage that goes all around the world!

Madeleine Editions Picture Books App Review

Little Travelers – A story that helps cultivate a child’s taste for classical music in this digital age.

The Taste of a Strawberry – A modern fable for ice-cream lovers! Three children of an Italian farmer each receives a strawberry vine from papa, with very different outcomes! A charming (and mouth-watering!) story experience that supplies plenty of teachable moments.

What we thought

We love the Madeleine Editions books! L loved the stories, she found it relaxing to sit down on her bean bag and follow through the pictures books on the app while taking in the stunning illustrations and sounds. L was truly captivated with both the native English version and the foreign language versions. It’s surprising how children adapt and develop an understanding of new experiences, in this case, the foreign version really quickly.

Madeleine Editions Picture Books App Review

I appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into developing an app of this calibre and the results are simply beautiful. I know it is helping my daughter to learn about her emotions, increase her awareness of classical music and open her mind to new and exciting cultures and languages.

Available to buy

The Madeleine Editions app is available globally to both iOS and Android users via the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

You can use my link below for the Apple Store to buy the bundle of 4 books with 30% off.

For use with the iPhone and iPhone.

The Madeleine Editions App

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