What Will Make Your Blog Stand Out To Users?

One of the things that you’re hoping to achieve when you set up a blog is that you attract people, right? You wouldn’t bother if you didn’t want people to see what you were posting. It’s for this reason that you need to work out how you can go about this and then be willing to do it no matter how much work it is going to take. Luckily for you, that’s what we’re going to be taking a look at in this article, so if you would like to know more about how to make your blog stand out, keep reading. 

What Will Make Your Blog Stand Out To Users?

No Blocks Of Text

The first thing that we’re going to recommend is that you avoid massive blocks of text. Of course, if you’re giving an update or something or you have something important to say, then it might be necessary, but this won’t always be the case. Where you can, you need to separate the text as much as possible. If you have a lot to say, then separating this into paragraphs is a good thing to start with. It makes the whole thing look far less bulky and easier to read, which will encourage more people to actually take notice of what you have written. You might not understand this right now, but most users don’t want to sit there and read what feels like an essay because that’s not what they’ve come to your blog for. 

So, just take care when you are writing a piece of text that is long. Better yet, if you can break it up into sections and then post them separately, this is going to be much more ideal. 

Pictures And Videos

Another thing that we think you should do to capture the attention of users is use pictures and videos rather than just text all the time. When it comes to creating a blog that people are interested in, you’ve got to make it exciting for them. If you scroll through a site and all you see is text, text, and more text, your attention isn’t going to be grabbed, which means you’re more likely to click off the blog and find something else to look at. The simple answer is to use your phone to take some awesome pictures or use the stock images that can be found online. If you can use your own, though, this is going to be even better, and you can even look up a guide that shows you how to make an original time-lapse video with your iPhone!

You will be using pictures that nobody has seen online before, which is a bonus, and it’s something that will engage people. It’s a simple solution, but one that will make a lot of difference.

Don’t Be So Plain

Have you taken a second to look at the design of your blog? What’s it like? Is it plain, or does it give off the vibe that you are going for? Don’t sit there and think to yourself that you want it to be plain, because this isn’t going to attract the attention of anyone. The site that you created your blog with probably had plenty of different theme options for you to choose from, and it’s likely not too late to change it. If it is, then hire an expert, get them to build you a site from scratch, and make this one more interesting in terms of the design you choose. You don’t understand how important web design is until you aren’t seeing new users for this exact reason.

Regular Content

If you want your blog to stand out, you’ve got to give them something to look at. If you’re posting once every month, why are people going to want to come and read what you’ve got to say? This isn’t keeping them engaged, it doesn’t make them interested, all it does is bore them. If you want to attract attention, you’re going to need to make sure you’re posting every day or every couple of days, at least. Try posting around the same time so that people start to notice a routine, and we’re sure that your number of readers is going to increase, or at least stay steady for now.

We hope that you have found this advice helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to make your blog stand out to users. Take the advice that we have given, and we’re sure that you will start seeing success sooner rather than later. Good luck!

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