What Do We Know About The Influencer Trends In 2020?

2020 has turned out to be a strange year, hasn’t it? Here we are halfway through the year now and not seemed to have achieved much. Or have we? With more people at home, whether that’s working from home or on furlough (OK, so many of us have never even heard of the word furlough before 2020!) we have turned to spending more time online. In fact, I would go to say that the digital world has been booming these last few months. Tiktok has gone wild! It’s the time of the micro-influencer. Personally I dislike the word “influencer”. It sounds too harsh, I prefer the word “creator” or phrase “content creator”, but for the purpose of this post I will be using “influencer”, So what do we know about the influencer trends in 2020 and how are they changing?

What Do We Know About The Influencer Trends In 2020?

Influencer Marketing Trends

Here are four of the top influencer marketing trends for 2020:

Nano and Micro Influencers

The social media influencer market is pretty saturated now. Instagram is full of it. In fact, I’ve seen some cases where Instagrammers are calling themselves bloggers, as if! They will be in trouble if Instagram changes its algorithm again and their reach drops overnight. Some brands are moving away from influencer marketing, whereas others are still investing heavily in their marketing strategies. You may see shout outs for influencers with great engagement over follower numbers. This is where the nano and micro-influencers are striking it rich. Everyone knows that followers can be bought and this shows in large following numbers with poor engagement. The smaller accounts are usually not staged, or filtered. They are real. This is what brands are wanting for their customers, to see products in everyday real and relatable situations.

Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity influencers are on the decline. For starter’s, they charge too much and they can also be fake. We are over the whole Z-lister advertising some diet drink, that we all well know they don’t use. I had to laugh at an Instagram post I came across with a Kardashian advertising Febreze, a very staged photo on her bed, not authentic at all. Her caption felt it had no effort put into it, very lazy, and a lack of creativity. This one was all about the money. If you are a brand looking for influencers to engage and increase your brand reach, there are other ways to go about it than to use celebrities.


Values have fast become one of the important influencer trends in 2020, for both influencer and consumer. Consumers are making more conscious decisions on the brands they are buying informed by their values. Examples include products with low environmental impact, like fast fashion and reusable bottles. Therefore brands are always actively searching for the right influencer for them for a longer-term contract.

Short Video

Short video is continuing to be the top influencer format. From Instagram stories, IGTV, Facebook and now TikTok video is every more popular with consumers. Examples are watching makeup tutorials on IGTV and short unboxing videos on Instagram stories are widely popular. Using video is another way to engage with followers, with step-by-steps, Q&As, and tips and of course a better chance of getting discovered.

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  1. Celebrity Influencer on the decline. Well, it is about time. Youngsters seem to get such a breadth of information and education. Perhaps they are beginning to look at the bigger picture / fuller picture. Why copy other people. Celebrity receiving fee :- Which can be financial and/ or goods or products. Therefore the Celebrity can be receiving FREE products / items, advertising / endorsing these. How does Manufacturers / Producers / Artists, etc cover these costs ( as material costs, may be staff costs, manufacturing costs, overheads, etc) . Passed on to Customers / Consumers most likely ( yet Celebrity may have received FREE. So customers paying for their own plus any given away FREE to Celebrity, etc),

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