5 Gardening Tips For Apartment Balconies

One of the big challenges of urban gardening is often having to find ways to make the most of a small outdoor space. Many urban dwellers don’t have a garden at all and only have a balcony. During the lockdown, many of us have been inspired to improve our outdoor space, even if all we have is a little bit of a balcony. If you want to get outside more and turn your balcony into a mini garden, try these gardening tips for apartment balconies.

Five Gardening Tips For Apartment Balconies

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  1. Go vertical. Floor space is usually at a premium on a balcony, and if you still want to leave room to sit out there amongst your plants, you can make use of the height. Look for vertical wall planters, stackable planters, hanging baskets, and railing planters. These will give you lots of options for planting, without taking up what little floor space you have. 
  2. Choose slimline outdoor furniture. Sitting out on the balcony is very relaxing, but if you have to clamber over a bulky bench every time you need to go out and water the plants. Choose slimline furniture or pieces that can be folded up and stored out of the way when you’re not using them so you have more space to move around. Folding chairs are perfect for balconies, as you can just fold them up and prop them against the wall when you don’t want a seat and have better access to your plants. 
  3. Plant climbers. One of the problems with balconies is that they often don’t offer a lot of privacy. If you want to make your balcony feel more secluded, plant climbing plants where they will climb on your wall or railings to create a thicker screen. This also works to disguise unsightly railings. Plants like ivy, honeysuckle, jasmine, or even beans all work well to grow over your railings. 
  4. Make a succulent bowl. For small balconies with not much space, you can make a big impact with minimal space by making a succulent bowl. These bring color in a low-maintenance way. To make your own, fill a bowl with a potting mix designed for succulents. Choose a large, colorful plant for the centerpiece. Around the edges, use a mix of succulents that have complementary colors and textures. Plant them close together, and fill any gaps with gravel or aquarium stones. Your new bowl can be sat on a table or tucked into a corner. 
  5. Pay attention to the conditions. Different plants will thrive in different conditions. Before you start to plan what to plant, spend some time paying attention to what the conditions are like on your balcony. Is it shady for most of the day? Does it get sun? If so, how many hours a day? Is it sheltered, or open to the elements? When you know, research what plants will thrive best in the conditions you have so you can buy the right things and plant them in the right way. A little research will help you to create a beautiful balcony garden. 

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