What We Enjoyed In July

I love writing these posts looking back over the previous month, it’s my diary of memories. So here is what we enjoyed in July. The months seem to be speeding away this year. July has been a hectic month as usual in our household. I took two weeks off annual leave from my day job. (I don’t know why I’m calling it my day job as blogging and freelance writing is also my day job now. Maybe I should call it my second job?) Mr B had one week off, and in that week we did lots of things and had some amazing day’s out.

My older sister was over from Canada for a couple of weeks so we spent some lovely time together and explored Poldhu Cove. This post is the first of my exploring Cornwall series in which we are going to discover more of what Cornwall has to offer. Going back to my big sis, with her job, she travels a lot of the US and Canada. She has been to places such as Maine, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Seattle. She’s always wanted to head down to Texas with her friends, they could even go all out and get a photo booth rental Fort Worth for a party.  

Poldhu Beach Cove

At the start of July, we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. My MIL looked after the girls so Mr B and I got a morning by ourselves. We went for a walk on the beach and had a lovely meal. That we could eat in peace and not in a rush to get out of there!

6 Years Married - Our Wedding Anniversary

We spent a family day out in Devon. Visiting Diggerland was a fantastic day out. the weather was hot, it was quiet and we more or less had the whole place to ourselves. It was great fun on the diggers and dumper trucks.


After Diggerland we went over to the new IKEA in Exeter. This was my first experience of IKEA as they have always been so far away from us. We had some lunch, trying the meatballs of course! and then set off around the vast store looking at ideas for our home.

I couldn’t believe how affordable it is. We designed our new wardrobes and I got myself a desk to work at. As well as bits and bobs for around the house. It’s my new favourite place for sure.

L finally got to have her preschool injections, after we had to cancel them from the month before when she was sick all over the Dr’s waiting room! She didn’t even flinch. I was so proud of her. She’s coming on so well at her nursery. She’s listening now and not running around all the time, all the trouble we had with her at the start with not wanting to go, is behind us. In fact, she would go every single day if she could!

Little Dottie is going through a little madam phase as I call it! She’s a nightmare to get to sleep some nights. She’s hard to put down for a nap. She doesn’t want to be changed, sit in her high chair or the car seat.

I’ve been super busy the last few months setting up a couple of new websites, Socially Rach and Home in the Pastures. I’ve been wanting to start these websites for a year or so, but never really got anywhere with them. So you know me, super busy doing everything always at once decided to get my backside in gear. They are live now, might only have one post on each one, but it’s a start! If you are looking to start a blog, I will be writing how-to tips over on Socially Rach. The home, garden and outdoors life will be over on Home in the Pastures.

What we’ve looked at this month

We’ve taken part in a Twitter party showing our Blume Dolls, Little Dottie has been showing everyone her new ride – The Little Red Rider, and we’ve been painting with Little Brian paint sticks. The weather has been amazing so we’ve spent lots of time outside.

We discovered these really useful Bubble Savers for protecting the bottle of bubbles. No more bubbles being tipped away by accident. They are a genius design and I recommend for all mums. We’ve all had tears from spilled bubbles. The wand easily slips in the top, but no loss of bubble mixture.

We have also had a really good look at these exciting collectible’s from Teamsterz – Micro Motorz.

It’s in a blind bag where you reveal a cool sticker which alludes to the team you are about to reveal, then it’s onto the three chambers.

What we have enjoyed in July - Teamsterz - Micro Motorz

Twist and snap off the first chamber and you’ll find a new tool that works with your car along with a leaflet all about the Micro Motorz collection. 

Open chamber two to unwrap a cool tuning accessory, maybe it’s a new engine or perhaps a new spoiler to add some downforce. There’ll also be a launcher to send your vehicle speeding down your chosen race track.

Finally, it’s chamber three – in here you’ll find out what vehicle you’ve got to add to your collection as well as an awesome display capsule that clicks together with the other Micro Motorz. This capsule will also act as a launcher to send your car speeding away. There are 20 different Micro Motorz to collect in the first series.

These are fantastic collectibles for kids, with many surprises, great for the Summer holidays.

I hope you had a good month. Did you get up to anything nice?

Thanks for stopping by today and reading what we enjoyed in July.

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  1. Nice to see other people shop at ikea, whilst their goods are very reasonable, everytime I go I end up with trolley full of things I think I need

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