6 Years Married – Our Wedding Anniversary

Last week was my wedding anniversary, I’ve been married for 6 years. I think about it now and cannot believe 6 years have gone by. I know I’ve married my best friend and soul mate so will ever have to get married again, but I still love to look at wedding dresses and anything to do with weddings. It’s such an important day in a girl’s life.

At the time we wanted a small intricate wedding, which we did have, and it was all we could afford at the time. We didn’t want to start married life in debt. Leading up to the wedding, I made my own invitations, wedding bouquets and shopped around for wedding dresses online. To meet our budget. Our colour theme was Cadbury purple. So I hunted on eBay for ribbons, silk flowers, crystals and sequins all in this colour. All the hard work I put into making the invitations and flower arrangements came off. I was extremely proud of myself. I have them put away in boxes to show the girls when they are older. That’s the one great thing about artificial flowers.

I found a complete bargain for my wedding dress in an online sale. Of course, being Cornish I would have loved a beach wedding on Perranporth beach down the road from me! Because I’ve always loved the idea of a beach wedding and you can buy a really pretty casual beach wedding gown for the occasion. But I’m not sure it would have been Mr B’s thing. In fact, I know it wouldn’t have been as he hates sand in his shoes!

After our wedding, we had an afternoon tea party back at ours. With cream teas, Victoria sponge, finger sandwiches, trifle, strawberries, and wedding cake. Our wedding cake was a top normal tier, then cupcakes in yellow and purple. We cut into the top tier as you do, and then I’ve kept it in the freezer where it still is. Again, like the flowers, I want to show my girls our wedding cake. Plus I’m a little superstitious so I can’t get rid of it now!

Thinking back over that day, it was full of happy memories. Both of our Dad’s were still here and Mr B’s nan. I treasure the photo I have of Dad giving me away on the day. Losing him last year was hard. We’ve been through a lot in 6 years. I discovered on my honeymoon I was pregnant, but that wasn’t meant to be. Along with the next two miscarriages. But now we have two beautiful daughters who take up all our time and energy.

For our 6th wedding anniversary, we went for a walk by the beach on our own, it’s what I wanted to do, not Mr B! Then we went for a lovely meal. It was perfect. No stressing about the girls. We ate our food in peace without gulping it down and it was still hot. It was a lovely few hours together.

6 Years Married - Our Wedding Anniversary

So Mr B, 6 years we’ve been married this month. So instead of buying you a wedding anniversary gift, I took you out for a meal. You chose where we went as a surprise and it was a good one!

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, I really appreciate it.

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