What We Enjoyed In June

June went by at 100 miles an hour, didn’t it? We are over half way through the year now which is insane! I love writing these posts looking back over the previous month, it’s my diary of memories. So here is what we enjoyed in June.

Over looking the Tamar Estuary at China Fleet

Well at the start of the month Mr B and I were invited to spend some time at China Fleet Country Club in their Aqua Spa finishing off with Afternoon Tea. We had an amazing child-free time with just the two of us. Of course, all we talked about was the girls. But it was only our third time away from them together. It was well needed!

Afternoon-Tea-cakes - what we enjoyed in June

I wrote one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever done. Talking about the baby blues while dealing with grief. It’s something I have to learn to live with but talking about dealing with it helps very much. 15 months down the line, I’m still struggling with the loss of my dad.

This photo below was taken 3 days after my dad passed, and a few hours after Dottie was born. I’m heartbroken and happy at the same time.


I knew with L starting nursery she would catch colds and viruses until her immune system caught up. We had to take her to the Doctors to get her checked out, and she had a slight middle ear imbalance. Which we are clearing by teaching her to blow her nose as recommended by the doctor.

We also took her for her first eye test. The optician was lovely and told me that I have an extremely clever girl on my hands as she was doing the puzzles that older kids do when having their eyes tested. It blew me away for a second. It’s not every day you are told your child is exceptionally clever. She also warned me to protect her and Dottie’s eyes as they are fair with pale blue eyes, and here in Cornwall, we have high UV rays that can cause eye damage. L does have an eye problem very similar to what Mr B has, so we’ve been referred to the children’s eye clinic at the hospital. Just waiting for our appointment now.

Dottie has gained lots more confidence in her walking and practically runs around now. She is saying lots more words now. Her favourites being “baby” and “pasta”. She has had another load of teeth through, and I’m sure she only has 4 more left to come through.

We ended the month with a fantastic weekend at Trevaskis Farm picking strawberries and having lunch. Then on Sunday, we used our locals passes to get into The Lost Gardens of Heligan for their heavy horses weekend. It was fantastic. Lots to see and do rounded off the month fantastically.

I hope you had a good month. Did you get up to anything nice?

Thanks for stopping by today and reading what we enjoyed in June.

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One thought on “What We Enjoyed In June

  1. Beautiful month – MEMORIES to cherish for a lifetime
    My NEICE will be calling her daughter DOTTIE too !
    Few months before she arrives

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