Unique Gifts You Can Give To A New Homeowner

It is always a wonderful time when a friend is planning to move into their very first home, and this is a time for a choice of unique gifts. Whatever you choose, you want it to be something that the recipient will make good use of, and with that in mind, here are a few great gift ideas for a house warming party.

Unique Gifts You Can Give To A New Homeowner
  • A Pair Of Period Bedside Lamps – If you want to add a touch of romance to their new abode, you can’t go wrong with a small pair of Victorian lamps as gifts. These will be warmly received and even if their bedroom is a modern setting, mixing a few antiques will give the room a little depth and diversity. These will no doubt look good in their master bedroom and bring them many years of pleasure.
  • A Pair Of Antique Mirrors – Regardless of their taste in furniture, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of antique mirrors, which would no doubt take pride of place in the hall or even the lounge. There are reputable dealers with genuine antiques for sale online, and with an online search, you can browse to your heart’s content until you find the perfect set of antique mirrors, which will work in any setting.
  • An Antique Writing Desk – There are many fine examples of antique writing desks that would grace any study, even one with a modern or contemporary setting.  Obviously. You know your friend’s taste, which makes it a lot easier to select something that goes with their style. Browse online, and when you find the right item, a secure online payment will have the desk packaged and dispatched to your home address, then you can decide how best to present this unique gift.
  • A Persian Rug – There will always be an ideal spot for a quality Persian rug, and as you know their style preferences, making the right choice is so much easier. It might take pride of place in their living room, or perhaps it would be ideal in the master bedroom, and by searching the online antique dealers, you are sure to find something that is ideally suited for their décor.
  • An Antique Hat Stand – This would fit in well in anyone’s hallway, and it certainly will turn out to be a very useful addition to their new home. Browse a few respected online antique dealers’ websites and you are sure to find something that is perfectly suited to their style.
An Antique Hat Stand

One of the best gifts you can bestow on a good friend is an item or two of antique furniture, which will not only be very useful, it will also appreciate in value over time. Next time you visit their new residence, take note of the furnishings and you should be able to find the ideal antique furniture item that will fit in perfectly with their décor. This type of gift is always warmly received, and with your intimate knowledge of their taste in furniture, you can be sure of making the right choice.

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