What We Have Enjoyed In May

Sorry, I’m a few days late with our May roundup post, but was a REALLY busy month for us. I headed up to BlogOn in Manchester for my second blog conference, then we went over to Derbyshire for a few days. We had baby Dottie’s 12-month injections. Went to Devon for Bank Holiday Monday to see family and have had a few tough weeks with me adjusting to my new work hours, but it was helped with our new Thomas Kent clock. Which I will get into more detail later on.


Oh you can catch up on last months roundup here which was just as crazy!

BlogOn Manchester

I thoroughly enjoyed BlogOn Toys back in September, so much that I booked the ticket for May straight after. Not only was it a “thing” for me, but I learned so much and met other bloggers, to chat away with. We all headed up to Manchester so we could have a holiday in Derbyshire after with family.

While I was at Hotel Football at the conference Mr B and his mum took the girls to InflataNation Manchester, Legoland Discovery Centre and Sea Life Manchester for some fun.


Mr B’s Dad grew up in Derbyshire so he still has family there. Mr B also went to school near Bakewell for a time when he was young. I’ve now been quite a few times in the 11 years I’ve been with Mr B, and its a really beautiful county.

Every time I’m in Derbyshire, I always make sure we go for a walk at Chatsworth, it was one of my highlights of what we’ve enjoyed in May.

what we enjoyed in May - Chatsworth

Time, Work and New Hours

Well, this isn’t something I would say I’ve enjoyed in May, but it’s a part of our life so will share with you. You may remember a few months back that I was at risk of redundancy. Well, I was job matched so my job was safe. But I had new working hours that started in May. Now I’m at work for 5 am for one day a week and 5:30 am for the other two days I work. With baby Dottie still a terrible sleeper I don’t get a lot of sleep anymore, as I’m up at 4 am. So I’ve joined the coffee mums club at the age of 36. I’ve never had to drink it before, but now if I don’t have a mug in the afternoon I’m ready for bed at 6 pm. The only upside is that I finish at 12 pm on work days so I have all afternoon with my girls. I will get used to the timings eventually. Who needs sleep anyway??

Timekeeping has always been important to me. I like to be where I need to be at least 5 minutes earlier, preferably 10. I think I got my love of time from my Dad. He was a lorry driver collecting milk from farms so was an early riser all his life. He had a schedule to keep so if the farmers didn’t have the milk ready he would go onto the next farm. Dad dear of him was a stickler for time. He always had a watch and clocks all around the house.

My new large wall clock has made a great impact in our house. It’s 30″ in diameter with a brass surround so compliments my colour scheme around the home. I’ve tried it in a couple of places to see where it fits best but settled for our large living room wall. Next to our family photo wall. With the large numbers, it’s going to be perfect for teaching the girls to tell the time. It doesn’t have a loud tick either, so Mr B approves!

12 Month Injections

OK, so we didn’t “enjoy” baby Dottie’s injections. The poor little mite howled. But I know they are for the better good. I just don’t understand why people don’t vaccinate. But that’s for another time.

I had to give her a couple of doses of Calpol in the hours after and for a few days she was clingy and whingy. But she’s all over it now thankfully.


Bank Holiday Monday

We decided to head up to Devon to see Mr B’s side of the family. It’s only just over an hour each way. We set of early and was there for 9:30 am ish to make the most of the day. It was a lovely sunny day. L got to run about with her cousins in the park in the morning and the afternoon we went over to see their ponies. It was a fantastic way to spend a Bank Holiday.

Mr-B-and-L-walking-through-a-field - What we enjoyed in May

Things We’ve Tried And Enjoyed In May

BABY Born Angel for Babies – Baby Dottie has a new companion! Her sister loves her Baby Born doll, so now she has her own mini version. It’s fantastic to clip onto the pram while we are out and about so it doesn’t get lost. It’s a great sensory toy for babies from birth, with its built-in rattle. You can get it in pink or blue.

Baby-Born-Angels-for-babies attached to a pram

Baby Dottie has been loving her new Musical Animal Luca the Panda new for 2019 from Baby To Love. Each characterful animal music box is both easy and manageable to handle thanks to their super soft texture and rounded form. Showcasing a lifelike exterior straight from the animal kingdom.

Luca the musical Panda

Each animal enjoys a different soothing melody. Once each of the pull cords has been activated from underneath each of the animals the musical notes will begin to play, they all play different tunes. Great for the nursery.

Luca plays the famous bridal market Le Canon en D majeur

Thanks for stopping by today and catching up with what we enjoyed in May.

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  1. Lovely to see you are having some enjoyment even with your working times . Little ones are so cute and dottie is growing quickly. Enjoy them as much as you can they grow up so fast . Lovely photos

  2. It looks like May was a fun month for you all, except for your early starts on work day. My granddaughter works at Sainsburys and does the on line orders, her shifts are 4 am to 8 am, four days a week so she finds it tiring, especially is she hasn’t had much sleep with her two year od.

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