What We Enjoyed In April

April was an exciting month for us. We had baby dottie’s first birthday, her first Easter, L starting preschool, and we went on a lovely family outing to Pirate’s Quest in Newquay. I really like writing this type of diary post, as it will be a wonderful memory to look back on in years to come. So here is what we enjoyed in April. You can catch up on March’s entry here.

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First Birthday

Baby dottie turned 1. I cannot believe my last baby is now 1 and toddling around. Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is tough. No day is the same, finding 5 minutes peace is non existent but I wouldn’t change it for the world. They are loving girls with their own individual personalities that are shining everyday.

Of course, baby dottie, didn’t really realise what her birthday was, L was more excited and helped her open the birthday presents. L helped me to bake dottie’s birthday cake. I love to make my girls birthday cakes.

1st birthday


It was baby dottie’s first Easter, as it was earlier in March last year. The girls had one Easter egg each over a few days. I don’t like to give them too much sweet chocolate. My older sister was back from Canada for a few days, the weather was lovely so we spent some time outdoors. Although Easter was a lovely few days together, my little brother has a mental breakdown and had to go into hospital. It’s been really tough seeing him struggle and go through this. I’ve never had anything to do with mental illness before so it’s all new. But I’m going to learn and be there for him. Depending on how things go, I would love to write more about mental illness on here, from a supportive point of view.


Before Easter, L had a couple of settling in sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them. After Easter she started going for 4 mornings a week. The first 3 days she was fine. Absolutely loved it. She goes to a small preschool/nursery which is brilliant. They have a new outside area which L loves. she is such an outdoorsy girl. On the fourth morning, she point blanked refused to go. Kicking and screaming saying she “won’t want to go” those are her exact words. We phoned the nursery and let her stay home that morning. She is such a little busy body she was absolutely shattered. The next week she was fine to go on Tuesday morning. But when it came to the Wednesday I had to carry her in kicking and screaming. She is tall for her age and I do struggle to carry her. But I got her in there and left the nursery to deal with her. I’m sure they see it all the time! They told me later within 5 minutes of me leaving she was fine. Whereas I was crying my eyes out in the car! She always tells me she has a good day and eats her lunch. I’m hoping its just a phase as she settles in.

what we have enjoyed in April

Loving our new quirky doormat as well. I think it suits our house!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog regularly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without each reader that comes over. A massive thanks to everyone.

I hope you like what we enjoyed in April.

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9 thoughts on “What We Enjoyed In April

  1. Reading about your eldest daughter not wanting to go to pre-school brought back memories of my daughter bawling her eyes out when she started primary school. I felt so guilty leaving her there, and constantly worried about her while I was at work, in a new job where I didn’t know anyone, so had no-one to confide in. Then when I went to pick her up at the end of the day she was all smiles and telling me about her new best friend Charlotte. I’d obviously had a worse day than she had!

  2. A fabulous April – so many nice celebrations with Dotty’s birthday and Easter. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. x

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