A Swashbucklin’ Adventure at Pirate’s Quest, Newquay

(*Ad- press trip) We were invited to Pirate’s Quest in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last week we were invited to head over to Pirate’s Quest in Newquay to find out what it’s all about and share our review. I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life, so I’ve grown up with stories about pirates and smuggling from childhood. It’s always been an interest of mine to learn more about the history of the Cornish Pirates. Heading over to Pirate’s Quest was a great opportunity to find out more.

Pirate's Quest Newquay Cornwall

What Is Pirate’s Quest All About?

Pirate’s Quest is a walk-through experience lasting about an hour. They combine theatrical actors, amazing special effects, and detailed 360⁰ sets in an authentic, atmospheric adventure as you travel through what life was like for a pirate.

You are led by a pirate though each area experiencing realistic scenes into the history of pirates. There are caves with lots of treasure, a tavern, and you walk through the streets of 18th century Cornwall. Ending up on the ship deck.

At the start of the journey you are given a pencil and treasure map to find clues along the way. The completed treasure map can then returned to the gift shop and exchanged for pirate’s treasure.

picture with a cornish pirate at pirates quest newquay

What We Thought

We arrived at Pirate’s Quest 10 minutes before our time slot, as recommended. It also gave us time to look around the fully stocked gift shop with everything pirate related you could imagine! L wanted a pirate telescope so we bought that for her to go around with on the tour.

Outside at Pirates quest Newquay Cornwall

The directions to the toilets and fire exits were given to us before the tour started along with the treasure maps. At the start we were in this tiny room with the other people on the tour. It is only a small group that you are with each time, which I quite liked so you get more of a personal experience. The instructions and background info are given to you via a pirate on a TV screen. They do say photographs are not allowed on the tour, with the exception of the photo point at the end with the pirate. Mobile phones also have to be put on silent.

The pirates are played by fantastic actors. They have the pirate voices, mannerisms, and the costumes down to T. I don’t believe they could be any better!

We were given detailed talks on the tour and learnt a lot about the Cornish pirates. The props and scenery were amazing. It was very realistic and you could totally imagine yourself back then. The hour went really fast!

As we had the girls with us we didn’t have time to complete the treasure map quest. L was too busy looking at everything and trying to take it all in. We also avoided The Locker of Davy Jones scare experience as I’m sure it would have been too frightening for them. It was a shame as it looks really good! Hopefully, we can come back again without them next time.

If you are in Newquay and looking for something to do for an hour I would totally recommend heading to Pirate’s Quest and taking a tour. It’s a fantastic experience and a lesson in the Cornish history of pirates. It’s a great addition to the best days out Cornwall guide of top attractions.

Pirates quest Newquay


Pirate’s Quest is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly due to it being inside the old theatre in Newquay and up some steps. They are fully up front with the access guidelines, and will try to find an alternative way of meeting the pirates for you. I had baby dottie in a baby carrier and it was totally fine walking around with her that way. So an alternative if you have a young baby with you.

They also cater for parties, school events, and special fright night events. Plus they have a new Captain’s crystal challenge coming this year. All tickets need to be booked online in advance.

You can buy all your props, gifts and souvenirs before or after your experience from the fully loaded shop. Don’t forget to use the selfie frames to share on social media!

inside the gift shop at pirates quest

Keep up with the Pirate’s Quest Latest News

You can follow Pirate’s Quest here on social media:

Facebook: @PiratesQuestNewquay

Twitter: @PiratesQuestNQ

Instagram: @piratesquestnewquay

wanted poster at pirates quest

Thanks for stopping by today, hopefully, you can get the chance to experience Pirate’s Quest when you are here in Cornwall.

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15 thoughts on “A Swashbucklin’ Adventure at Pirate’s Quest, Newquay

  1. What a lovely review, I really wish Cornwall wasnt so far away, We are hoping to have a couple of weeks there next Summer, so i am following your blog and taking notes, this looks a fab place to take the kids, they would enjoy it and so would we, thank you

  2. I shall let a friend. with six and four year old grandchildren. know about PiratesQuest. Newquay as they are both Pirate enthusiasts and I’m sure would love to visit. A great day trip out to the North Coast with an aged but very sprightly Grannie!

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