How Can I Protect The Foundations Of My Home?

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Since the foundation of your home is under the ground, it’s probably something you rarely think about – if ever! However, it’s actually a really important aspect of your property and if it becomes damaged, the rest of your home probably will too. Even the most extravagant of buildings can become leaky or cracked if they are not built on a sturdy foundation.  

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If the foundations of your home do happen to become damaged, the repair costs will be extremely costly. With that said, it’s important that you do all you can to protect your property. I’ve teamed up with a foundation solutions company Screwfast to provide you with the following tips to protect the foundations of your home.


Ensure you have proper drainage and make sure it’s not blocked by checking for leaves and other debris on a regular basis. If your gutters become blocked, the overflowing water may cause damage to your foundations.

How Can I Protect The Foundations Of My Home?

Local Area

Keep an eye on local news for construction projects or building developments that could disturb your home’s foundations.


Maintain your property. Keeping your property in good shape is important, so be sure to check your roof for leaks, as well as under your sinks and in your bathroom. Leak proofing the property will be beneficial for your foundations.


Excess water is a problem, but not enough water will cause the soil to dry up as a result of hot weather and thirsty plants. If this happens it could shrink and cause a shift in your property’s foundations, which leads to cracked walls. Don’t let the soil dry out and keep your plants watered.

Tree Planting

Avoid planting trees too close to the building as the roots can cause problems for your homes foundations.

Although there are many things that could compromise a home’s foundations that are out of our control, such as an earthquake or other extreme weather condition, following the above advice should help prevent any problems from occurring as best as possible.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful on how to protect the foundations of your home. You can check out how we are getting on with our Miner’s Cottage Renovation here.

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