A Miner’s Cottage Renovation Project Part 4

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It’s coming up for a year since my dad passed away, and mum has been getting on with renovating different areas of her old miner’s cottage. You may remember from my previous updates, that she started off with new double glazed windows, then turned her eyes to installing a completely new bathroom.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project

Mum is really pleased with her bathroom and loves her shower and worktop. One of the main things that mum wanted was some worktop space in her bathroom. I think the black marble effect worktop goes with the bathroom suite she chose. (This photo was a work in progress!)

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project Part 4 - new bathroom worktop and toilet

The new bathroom and windows were completed last year. This forthcoming year she’s already had a new electricity meter and wiring replaced, is making a start on the new extension flat roof, which needs completely replacing some of the ceilings in the cottage and the kitchen.

Old cottages and houses like mum’s have terribly thick walls. I know the main room in the house has a nearly three-foot thick wall. So things are never easy or straight forward doing renovation work. In fact, I can always remember dad and mum joking that there isn’t a straight wall or door in the whole house!

The kitchen in mum’s cottage is a decent size. It has the airing cupboard in it which is big enough to be turned into a pantry if that’s what she would like to do with it. The electric water tank was taken out years back when it went wrong. Mum has a solid fuel Rayburn and an open grate fire for heating.

There are worktops on two sides at the moment in the kitchen like an “L” shape and the new ones will be staying in the same place. Mum really enjoyed choosing the new bathroom tiles, suite, worktop and paint colours, and again this time with the kitchen. She has wanted to keep the kitchen in style with the old cottage so had to bare this in mind when choosing the kitchen worktop and unit style.

Kitchen worktop choice

There are many different types of worktops to choose from. From not only colour choice, but surface type, taste and of course what your budget can accommodate.

In my own kitchen, I have a laminate worktop. Which for us with the kids, it’s easy to keep clean, low maintenance and highly durable. For mum’s kitchen, she has gone for solid wood worktops, which suits her style and the farmyard style of her homely cottage.

Mum is also looking for kitchen units at affordable prices like these from Kitchen Warehouse. I think new units would really transform the kitchen as well as replacing the kitchen doors.

You can catch up here on our miner’s cottage renovation journey:

What kind of worktops do you have in your kitchen?

Is there one you would like to change to?

Thanks for stopping by today and following us on our renovation journey.

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  1. Your mum’s cottage is coming along really well, I love that worktop in the bathroom, what a fantastic idea.

  2. Loved the black marble effect worktop in the bathroom. So excited for this renovation project! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

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