A Miner’s Cottage Renovation Project Part 1

It’s coming up for 4 months since my dad passed away. He and my mum had lots of plans on decorating and revamping their old miner’s cottage, that was built in the 1800’s. Sadly he will never get to see the work done on it., but my older sister and I are going to help mum to carry on with the work that needs doing. Dad would have wanted it finished and it will be a nice change for mum.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project

The thing about miners cottages is that they are not the biggest of houses. Back in the day when the tin mines were working in the area my parents live in, many men, women and children all lived together under the same roof. When Mr B visits he has to duck his head otherwise he will hit the beams in the ceiling. So you have to look outside the box as to where you can save space. One of the ways to save space is to have bespoke stairs fitted from a staircase manufacturers. Dad was always going on about having a spiral staircase put in he always liked the look of those.

While the weather has been good these past few weeks we made a start on the renovations. We got a few local window companies to come around and give us a quote on 4 new double glazed windows. I would always recommend getting a few quotes to find the best deal and to also save yourself some money which could be used elsewhere. We went with a family business who make all the windows on site and can therefore give a really good price. The windows were put in on one day last week. The kitchen and bathroom windows were the largest ones to put in. At the back of the house there was the small back room window and the upstairs bedroom window to my younger brothers bedroom. The upstairs window had to be a fire safety window and one you can escape from in the event of a fire. Of course you could always have exterior staircases to get safely to the ground as an alternative to jumping out!

Miner's cottage renovations - staircases

The next part of the miner’s cottage renovation is a new bathroom suite. When we were kids, there was a huge bath. Next up we had the bath over the shower combination and then after most of us moved out, dad put in a shower cubicle. That was quite a few years ago now and the one thing my mum has wanted in a while is a new bathroom. We have had a design consultant come out to measure up and discuss what is wanted where, and now just waiting for the installer to pop out for a look to check it’s all doable.


I will be keeping you up to date with how everything is getting on, over the coming weeks.

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