A Miner’s Cottage Renovation Project Part 2

Last month you may have remembered me saying that my mum is getting her old miner’s cottage renovated, well here is the second update on this. So as you know we have had the new double glazed windows installed, and the bathroom designer came out.

A Miner's Cottage Renovation Project

Well, we are still waiting on the installation guy to pop round for the final arrangements but due to the lovely weather it seems everyone is having new bathrooms installed!


My younger brother has been painting the kitchen to make it much more lighter and more of a warmer room in colour. He has also been doing general DIY bits and bobs around the outside such as mowing the lawn. Before my older sister headed back to Canada she painted the outside walls of the house, the garden walls and the window sills. I know you might think well what am I doing? Well with having a toddler and a 4 month old to look after I’ve been doing the project managing side of things. I love to be the organiser with the notebook and pen!

Before my dad passed away in April, him and my mum had been talking for ages about doing all the decorating, needing new windows and renovating the bathroom. It was something they were planning. Now we are 4 months down the line mum is fulfilling dad’s wishes by renovating their miner’s cottage which they have owned for 35 years.

Retirement Planning

While they were doing their retirement planning they found this tool on Sunlife, which gave them a few ideas. Once mum got over her initial grief of losing dad, she set about working out her finances and planning what needed to be done and in what order.

As it’s the Summer now and we had some glorious weather (yeah August hasn’t been the best) back in June and July, the main priority was getting double glazed windows put in. Back in February when we had that really bad cold snap the bathroom window cracked and we knew it wouldn’t stand another Winter of ice.

Double Glazed Windows

Installing double glazed windows into an old miner’s cottage is tricky. For starters the design and size of the windows are bespoke and tiny. We managed to get a local family business to make and fit them for a reasonable cost. I love to support local business as well. The window fitter reckons that the old windows must have been in for at least 50-60 years.

Miner's Cottage renovation - new double glazed windows

My next job to help mum is to chase up the bathroom designer and installation guy to try and get a date of when the bathroom works will be at least started.

I’m happy that mum has a plan on what she wants to do with her cottage, it’s been a hard time for her losing her husband and best friend of over 40 years. Now by having a few home comforts and a nice place to live in will help her to move on with her life.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’re enjoying following our renovation journey.





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